1841 English Hexapla

The English Hexapla, exhibiting the six important English translations of the New Testament Scriptures  Wycliff, 1380  Tyndale, 1534  Cranmer, 1539  Genevan, 1557  Anglo-Rhemish, 1582  Authorized, 1611... preceded by an Historical Account of the English translations... London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1841. Very large quarto, new full red morocco, ornately gilt spine & gilt paneled covers; top edge gilt; the text is very good throughout; with a red cloth protective slip case.   **Herbert 1841; the first Bagster edition, with the full text of the preliminary 'Historical Account', only partly present in the later printings; with the Greek text at the top and the six translations in parallel columns below. $2500.



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