Short List #2:  A selection of post 1700 Bibles in fine bindings.  Postage is extra at cost; insurance optional. Bibles are offered subject to prior sale.  All Bibles legally remain the property of the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full.


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Bibles in bindings, 1683-1953





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The Holy Bible, ...  Edinburgh: James Watson, 1722.  Very large folio [18  3/16” x 11¾”], contemporary black morocco, ornately gilt spine (worn away at bottom) and gilt paneled covers, edges and inner dentelles gilt, the whole a bit worn & rubbed), a.e.g., with marbled endpapers.  ***Herbert 959; a very wide margined copy. This edition is specially commended for its accuracy, but it contains a misprint in Psalm 53: 1, “on God” for “no God”. The Apocrypha is included. A very attractive book. both in respect to its binding and the quality of the printing.   ***There are genealogical notes pertaining to William and Margaret Chaplin on the blank facing the general title and on the verso of the title as well; they were married 3rd October 1814 in Greenock; the last person mentioned is Rebecca Mary Chaplin who died Dec 8th 1926.      $3500.


The Holy Bible, ...  Edinburgh: James Watson, 1722.   Large folio [15 3/8” x 10¼”], blue morocco, ornately gilt spine and gilt paneled covers, somewhat rubbed; edges and inner dentelles gilt with ornately gilt borders inside covers with watered silk endpapers, paneled in gilt; a.e.g.  With the book plates of James Hope and Archibald Philip Earl of Rosebery.  ***Herbert 959; the same printing as the above, but with normal margins. This edition is specially commended for its accuracy, but it contains a misprint in Psalm 53: 1, “on God” for “no God”. The Apocrypha is included.  A very attractive book. both in respect to its binding and the quality of the printing.     $3500.





SOLD The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford: John Baskett, 1723.  Large quarto [10 5/8” x 8 5/8”], contemporary calf, ornately gilt spine and gilt paneled covers; edges and inner dentelles gilt; marbled edges and endpapers.  ***Not in Herbert, though Baskett published various similar Bibles in this period: this copy seems to be most like Herbert 967, but has the Apocrypha, a NT title dated 1723 and the Index at the rear, with the text ending on the verso of Iiii2;  with a decorative ownership page at the front, reading:  “Mr Philip Broke of Nacton. Suffolk.  Ipswich.  Written By Tho: Cosins. 1726.”  TOGETHER WITH  2 virtually identical copies of The Book of Common Prayer,  London: John Baskett, ...And by the Assigns of Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceas’d, 1715.  Large 4to [10 7/8” x 8 5/8”], both are bound in all respects to match the Bible and are nicely ruled in red throughout.  These have contemporary signatures at the top of the title which appear to be “WWBroke”, which a later pencil notation on the title of one says is Whitson (?) Broke.  The BCP’s include a Sternhold & Hopkins Psalter at the rear.  ***Together 3 very nicely bound matching volumes, with the text crisp and clean throughout.  Seeming intended for use in the family (they are too large conveniently to be carried to church), but obviously subjected to little or no actual use.  A fine set. $1500.





The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford: John Baskett, 1738.  Large quarto, contemporary red morocco, ornately gilt spine (with label) and covers, each with black oval onlay reading ‘I H S’), edges and inner dentelles gilt, a.e.g.; some light wear, but more mellowed than worn.  ***Herbert 1039BOUND IN  is The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments ...  [London]: Richard Ware, n.d.  With an engraved title to that effect and a printed title reading: Oxford; John Baskett, 1739.  AND  The Historical Part of the Holy Bible of the Old and New Testament Exactly and Compleatly Describ’d in above Two Hundred Historys Curiously Engrav’d by J. Cole From Designes of ye best Masters. [London]: Richard Ware, n.d.   With an engraved frontispiece and title and engravings throughout, 4 to a page.  AND  Sacred Geography, contained in Six Maps, ...  London: Richard Ware, 1735.  With only the following 4 folding maps present: 1) Paradise and the land of the Patriarchs; 2) Sacred Geography, the known parts of the world and by whom peopled; 5) Land of Canaan in the time of Christ;  6) Paul’s Travels.    $2250.




A fine Scottish ‘wheel’ binding, ornately gilt

SOLD The Holy Bible, ...  Edinburgh: Richard Watkins, 1743. The text shows minor wear, with a few gatherings being slightly pulled.  ***Herbert 1065, dated 1743 on both titles, but 1744 in the colophon.  BOUND WITH  The Psalms of David in Metre. ...Allowed by the Authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, ...  Edinburgh: Richard Watkins, 1744.  ***12mo, elaborately gilt contemporary Scottish “wheel” binding;  very slight rubbing, but a very nice, completely sound copy; a.e.g.    $2500.




SOLD The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford; T. Wright and W. Gill, 1772.  8vo, contemporary vellum, ornately gilt spine and paneled covers, the whole somewhat worn, a.e.g.; lacks front & rear endpapers; text crisp & clean throughout.  ***Perhaps Herbert 1221, but bound in one volume and without the Apocrypha.     $125.




A spectacular silver front cover:

The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford: T. Wright and W. Gill, 1773.  Large quarto [10¾" x 8 7/8"], contemporary red morocco, ornately gilt spine (but lacks label) & gilt paneled covers, bit rubbed ; edges and inner dentelles gilt; a.e.g.  AND with an elaborate decorative silver (plated?) ornamental front cover (with the monogram 'Glo'); with contemporary marbled endpapers.   ***Herbert 1229; with old ownership inscriptions, the first of which records the birth of Walter Coffin, the son of Walter and Anne Coffin, June 7th 1784.   ***The silver plate is screwed onto the front cover, probably done for the original owner.    $4000.





SOLD The Comprehensive Bible: ...The Authorized Version, with the various readings and marginal notes usually printed therewith: A General Introduction....  London: Samuel Bagster, 1829.  Large 4to [10½” x 8 3/8”], ornately blindstamped red wine morocco; a.e.g.; with the bookplate of Harry Bagshaw Henning.  ***A reprint of Herbert 1763, edited by William Greenfield (1799-1831) and containing a wide variety of explanatory material.  Spurgeon highly commends WG’s work on Genesis.   $180.



The Holy Bible, ...  Cambridge: J. Smith, printer to the University; and sold by Rivingtons, ..., 1830.  8vo,  contemporary blue morocco, gilt spine with raised bands, gilt paneled covers; a.e.g., the whole more mellowed than worn; with the gilt morocco bookplate of Margaret Mervinia Storey. TOGETHER WITH The Book of Common Prayer, ... Cambridge: J. Smith, printer to the University, 1830. 8vo, matching contemporary blue morocco, with the gilt morocco bookplate of Mervin Herbert Nevil Storey.   ***A nicely bound Cambridge printed personal Bible (with the Apocrypha) together with a matching BCP: a good example of a Bible bound for the use of a well-to-do Englishwoman shortly before the beginning of Queen Victoria’s long reign; the BCP would seem to have been bound for her husband.   $350.





The English Hexapla, exhibiting the six important English translations of the New Testament Scriptures  Wycliff, 1380  Tyndale, 1534  Cranmer, 1539  Genevan, 1557  Anglo-Rhemish, 1582  Authorized, 1611... preceded by an Historical Account of the English translations... London: Samuel Bagster and Sons, 1841. Very large quarto, new full red morocco, ornately gilt spine & gilt paneled covers; top edge gilt; the text is very good throughout; with a red cloth protective slip case.   **Herbert 1841; the first Bagster edition, with the full text of the preliminary 'Historical Account', only partly present in the later printings; with the Greek text at the top and the six translations in parallel columns below. $2500.





SOLD The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford: at the University Press, 1847.  12mo, contemporary morocco, ornately gilt spine and paneled covers, edges and inner dentelles gilt, a.e.g., with red silk bookmarkers.  TOGETHER WITH   The Book of Common Prayer, ...  Oxford: at the University Press, 1847.  Bound in a matching, though slightly smaller and distinctly thinner, binding, (with A New Version of the Psalms of David, fitted to The Tunes used in Churches.  N. Brady and N. Tate. bound in at the rear), also with red silk bookmarkers. ***The two volumes were evidently purchased as a pair; the Bible shows virtually no sign of use; the BCP looks as if it received occasional use.  Each is signed and dated in pencil:  “C. Maria Bellenger  Feb  8th   1848”  A bookmarker (of Mudie’s [lending] Library is included, possibly made of bone.   Quite a nice little set.     $175.





The Holy Bible, translated from Corrected Texts of the Original Tongue, and with former translations diligently compared; together with a general introduction and short explanatory notes.  By B[enjamin] Boothroyd.  London; Partridge and Oakey, 1853.  Large 8vo, dark green morocco, ornately gilt spine and covers, with brass edges and working clasps; all edges gilt and with fancy gauffering.  ***See Herbert 1738, which describes a 3 volume 1824 edition; the present volume is referred to in the footnote as one of two abridged editions.; with an ornately gilt morocco bookplate inside the front cover, reading: “Presented to Miss Taylor, by the Parishioners of St. Ebbe’s.  In grateful remembrance of her kindness in having so long conducted their church music.  Jany. 1. 1864.”;   with a blue silk bookmarker.  ***BB (1768-1836) was a Nonconformist minister, first at Halifax and subsequently at Huddersfield.  Spurgeon says: “Good, but may be dispensed with, now that the East has been more fully explored.”  A nice example of a fine Victorian presentation binding.   $480.




SOLD The Self-Interpreting Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments.  to which are annexed  An extensive introduction—marginal references and illustrations—a summary of the several books—a paraphrase on the most obscure or important parts—an analysis of the contents of each chapter—explanatory notes and evangelical reflections.  By John Brown.  Glasgow: William Mackenzie, n.d. (c. 1870).  Very large quarto [12¾” x 10½”], contemporary dark red morocco, ornately gilt spine and gilt paneled covers; a.e.g.;  frontispiece, engraved title, a 4 pages titled Family Register, lix, 1168pp with 32 full page steel good quality engraved illustrations and 8 maps. ***With additional material taken from the commentaries of Scott, Henry, Haweis, etc. and a Memoir of John Brown. ***The marriage of John Hobson Wardell to Fanny Elizabeth Barnes at Hutton Church, 2nd November 1871 is recorded on the first page (‘Marriages’) [Hutton Cranswick is north of Hull in Yorkshire, though the bride is said to be from Cheltenham]; the second page records various marriages of Wardell children, mostly at Hutton Church; the final page records the death of JHW (1010) and Fanny (1932) and, last, of a son (1938). A very good quality British family Bible in very good condition; scarce as such.     $350.






SOLD The Holy Bible, ...  Oxford: at the University Press, 1872.  Large 4to [11 3/8” x 9¼”], contemporary blue morocco, ornately blindstamped, bit rubbed; a.e.g. $125. 





The Holy Bible   Revised Standard Version ...  Toronto  New York  Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1953.  8vo, publisher’s red morocco gilt, inner dentelles gilt; a.e.g., with red morocco flyleaves; in the original slipcase (with a red morocco gilt spine).  ***See Hills 2510, describing the first edition of the Revised Standard Version., first printed in 1952. Reference is made there to a copy in the American Bible Society Library which has corrections have been made to Luke 2: 31 (“has” to “hast”) and Acts 3: 15 (“kill” to “killed”), corrections which have been made in this 1953 dated copy. Apparently variant printings in various bindings were issued; this is evidently not the first.  But it is a fine copy in a fine binding..........     $250.00


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