Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon: an autograph letter, signed (with the address and date, in black, printed in a cursive hand and with the remainder written by Spurgeon in his typical purple ink) on a single sheet of paper, (7 1/4" x 4 1/2"), with an strip of paper added at the bottom, probably with the intention of inserting the letter in an album. The letter is as follows:


Beulah Hill
Upper Norwood
Dec 8 . 1880
Dear Sir
Having been ill I am in
arrears , & have to work
double tides . Would it answer
yr purpose better to see me
here, or in the Orphanage or
College ? I wd see you in the
College , Temple Street , next
Friday between 5 & 7 when
I happen to have an interlude.
H ere I shd have to defer an
appointment till Saturday week
at 3.
Yours truly



A Charles Haddon Spurgeon autograph letter, signed (reading as follows):


Sep 6

My Dear Brother,

I rejoice in your having
been enabled to labour for your Lord
so long. It cheers me as being an
instance of his faithfulness. He does
not cast off his servants, poor things
though we be. May you make a
blessed winding up, & come into
heaven, like a ship in full sail
entering into harbour. O what shall
we owe to free grace & dying love!

I don't like writing to friends
about their own productions. If I
did it all I should have to do
it so often, & sometimes (though not
in your case) should have to censure.
So I avoid doing it altogether, &
escape one way of giving offence.

Go on till in the Lord's time
you go off. We will meet on the
other side of Jordon.

Yours truly

There is no indication of the recipient nor of the year in which the letter was written. The verso is blank and the letter was at one time folded (probably by Spurgeon) into quarters.  

A nice example of a letter of encouragement to an older friend in the gospel ministry. $1250. SOLD