15th Century Manuscript Psalter

[c. 1400 manuscript Psalter/ lectionary]. A small quarto (leaf size approximately 7" x 5 1/4") medieval manuscript on vellum, of 227 leaves, bound in a fine new 'old style' blindstamped calf; 23 lines to a page, with initial letters in red and blue; a bit faded, but still quite nice. **With 19 pages at the front, giving the church year as celebrated in the locality in which the work was used; possibly the emphasis on St. Brigitta (July 24?, October 6, February 1, May 28), St. Bavo (October 1) and St. Lambert (end of March, mid-September) and Donatian (January 14) points to a Brigittine convent in Flanders/Holland, though the south of France is also a possibility; with further study, an expert would probably be able to determine definitively exactly where, based on which local saint's days were included.***This volume was purchased in England in the 19 th century and has inscriptions from 1886 and 1893 relating to a family named Goodrich in Michigan. It was passed down in the family to a now retired missionary who is selling it for financial reasons. $25,000. SOLD

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