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A Great Bible


The purpose of our Featured Items is an attempt to show some of the nicer items from our stock individually (or as a set), rather than allowing them to rest in the back of the mind as books that should "perhaps go into a list some day." 

We hope to add a new item on a monthly basis.

Available now:


Martin Luther's Works

Complete in 12 Volumes 1553-1559 German Edition


Luther's Opera Omnia

7 Volume Complete Works in Latin 1545-1580


Portrait of Martin Luther

Past Featured Items

The English Hexapla (1841)

Scottish Journal of Theology


The Wicked Bible (1631 KVJ)

The true Second Edition large folio KJV

Foxe's Book of Martyrs, first edition

Vellum Psalter

1641 Fox's Acts and Momuments

Wesley's Works