Bible lists will be posted in 5 areas:

1) Ancient languages (including Hebrew, Greek & Latin)
2) English (early translations through the King James or Authorized)
3) English (post KJV)
4) Modern languages (other than English)
5) Books on Bibles & Bible translation, bibliography, etc.

List 3  (Bibles in English, pre-1780)

List 4 (Bibles in Fine Bindings)

List 5 (Bibles in Latin)

List 6 (post 1700 Bible Translations) Almost all of the Bibles on this list have been sold; a brief residual will be posted shortly.

List 7 (Geneva Bibles)

List 8 (Early American Bibles)

Bible Short Lists

Short List 1 (Framed Bible Leaves)

Short List 2 (Post-1700 Bibles in Fine Bindings)

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Short List 3 (Incunable Latin Bibles)

Short List 4 (American Bible Union)