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1. Biblia... [a Latin Bible, manuscript on vellum; quite possibly English, second half of the 13th century]

A medieval manuscript Bible in Latin, written in double columns in brown ink by several scribes in a small gothic hand: the headings, the (elaborate penwork) initial letters of each book and the chapter numbers are in red and blue; the initial letter of each chapter is in red; the vellum manuscript pages measure 159mm x 106mm, mostly in 44 lines to a column (though at the beginning there are 47).

There are 540 leaves of text (the Bible proper followed by the prologues of St. Jerome) plus 6 medieval flyleaves (apparently originally blank, though one has a list of the books of Scripture in what seems to be a medieval hand--the order of the books is not entirely the modern order--), one in a somewhat later hand has a brief prayer in English and another a brief phrase-- "a parchment booke" --in English and the number '81'); there are two wormholes at the front (one through the first 6 leaves & the other the first 10); the first leaf of Genesis is a bit worn with minor repairs & there are a few leaves with marginal cuts without loss; LACKS 2 leaves in the NT (Ephesians 5: 13 through the end of Philippians) there are occasional corrections to the text (either marked in red or in red outlined boxes) and a goodly number of medieval side notes & glosses. The margins are wide throughout and the text in general is in very good condition.

The binding is a modern, ornately blindstamped light brown morocco, with clasps & catches; with MEDIEVAL PAINTED FORE-EDGES in an ornamental foliage design in black and red; since most medieval books have been rebound and in the process have had their margins trimmed, very few medieval fore-edge paintings have survived, though apparently such fore-edge designs were common. Though this Bible has been rebound (and though as a result the edges of the pages are not even), the margins are untrimmed from their original medieval state. [The binding measures 6 5/8" x 4 1/2"]

Although this small, portable English Bible is in many ways similar to the Bibles produced commercially in Paris workshops from the first half of the 13th century, as is common with English Bibles of the period, the text does not include the Psalms. Apparently in England this was not considered necessary, as separately produced Psalters were common. The inclusion of the Prologues at the end of the whole (from folio 524) also is a distinguishing feature of this Bible, as opposed to the more common French productions.

The earliest known owner of this Bible was Master Thomas Brent, dean of the secular college of St. Michael, South Malling, East Sussex; it was given to him by Master John Sterr in the late 15th century (either 1482 or 1492) (this inscription is on the third flyleaf, but is only visible in ultraviolet light). Brent was dean of this college from 1481 until his death in 1515. The college was founded in c. 686 and dissolved in 1547 at the Reformation. This is the only surviving manuscript known to have been associated with St. Michael. Except for the ancient foundations which formed the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, books from English medieval secular colleges are extremely rare.

A very nice, almost complete, example of an early English medieval Bible. SOLD


2. [Manuscript Bible in Latin, on vellum] Biblia... with the Prologues attributed to St. Jerome. Small 8vo (5 7/8" x 4 1/4"), 17th century calf with central medallions on both covers, newly rebacked with old spine laid down; lacks ties (in a modern, 19th/early 20th century?, red morocco slipcase); manuscript on vellum, with many headlines (& a few marginal corrections) shaved; some marginal defects, with the bottom margin removed on 5 leaves [134, 262, 263, 263A, 264] and the side on 5 {320-324](removing one note and touching an ornamental initial); small hole in leaf 173, touching a few letters of text; a few leaves are slightly creased; a bit of minor soiling, but generally quite good and complete. **Written in black ink in a single small gothic hand, 2 columns of 44 lines to a page, with some 5 and 7 line red and blue initials, with decorative red penwork. 518 leaves (numbered, somewhat inaccurately, in pencil in a modern hand).

***A complete Bible, Northern France or England, third quarter of the 13th century, produced in a small format for the use of the Mendicant orders. The appended Interpretation of the Hebrew names is in the standard version ("Aaz apprehendens"), usually attributed to Stephen Langton (d. 1228). With the 16th century ownership inscription of 'P. Payne' in the outer margin of leaf 56.

Still quite a good little medieval manuscript Bible. SOLD


3. Selection of 47 Old Testament Medieval manuscript Bible leaves (Genesis through Kings), small folio (12" x 8 7/8"), c. 1250. Written in a fair professional hand in black ink (partly faded to brown), with initial letters of chapters and ornate vertical decorations in red and blue, with first letters of sentences highlighted in red. A few leaves have a clean cut in the side margin, a few are creased (easily fixed), many have a trace of decay at the top, about 11 are noticeably decayed, without the decay touching the headline; about 9 are more so, with the decay touching the headline. Some of the text on some leaves (more toward the top) is a bit faded; still the leaves are generally quite good in an unusually large format.**With the early if not original covers: oak boards with blindstamped calf (decayed at top); ornate brass corners and centerpieces; with 4 catches on each cover (one each top & bottom and two on the side); one clasp (at the top) is present; the front vellum fly leaf is present as well.

***A good collection of unusually large leaves (most leaves are considerably smaller); even the worst is still suitable for framing. $9000. SOLD

the first facsimile Gutenberg Bible

4. [Biblia] [Mainz: Johann Gutenberg, c.1455; reprinted Leipzig: Insel Verlag, 1913]. 2 vols, large folio, blindstamped calf over wooden boards in imitation of the original binding on the Gutenberg Bible in the Hessisch Landesbibliothek. [1282]pp with rubrication, decoration and miniatures being a facsimile of the copies in the Königlichen Bibliothek in Berlin and the Stadtischen Landes-bibliothek in Fulda. ***The first facsimile reproduction of the Gutenberg Bible (the first printed book), published in a limited edition of only 300 sets. In printing this book Gutenberg produced a book which compare favorably to the best manuscripts late medieval scribes could produce, but which, due to the relative ease of production, could be sold on much more favorable terms. When richly rubricated and illuminated with miniatures, as was the Bible of which this is a facsimile, the resultant book was magnificant.**A fine copy of this superb and very scarce Bible. SOLD $10,000.


a fine facsimile Gutenberg Bible

5. [The Bible in Latin]. Mainz: 1454(?), reprinted Paris: 1985. 2 volumes, large folio, red morocco, ornately gilt; inner dentelles gilt, all edges gilt, in red cloth slipcases. WITH The Gutenberg Bible: A Commentary, Historical Background, Transcription, Translation by Jean-Marie Dodu. [Paris]: Editions Les Incunables, 1985. 2 volumes, large folio, red cloth. **A finely bound facsimile edition, printed in full color on a high quality handmade paper, of the first printed book, the Gutenberg Bible.

***This facsimile edition of the Gutenberg Bible is of the Mazarin Bible, once owned by Cardinal Jules Mazarin (1602-1661) who under the Queen Regent Anne and then under Louis XIV directed French affairs, both foreign and domestic. This fine copy of the Gutenberg Bible now rests in the Mazarin Library at the French Institute in Paris. It should be said that while all Gutenberg Bibles are essentially identical as to their printing, the rubrication is different in each and as a consequence this reproduction of the Gutenberg Bible can readily be distinguiched from the others. $5000.





a 1519 pocket NT

6. [New Testament] Incipit op[us] quartuor Evangelistarum. [Incipit epistola bti Pauli apostoli ad Romanos. AND Incipit liber actuum apostolorum beati luce evangeliste.] Parisius: [perhaps G. Feyzendat], 1519 [June 2nd]. 16mo (in 8's). original black calf with gilt paneled covers, spine & corners repaired and the whole recased very neatly in 1928; a.e.g.; surface of first title a bit abraded, affecting several letters of the title. ***Though the two titles indicate only the four Gospels and the book of Romans, the whole of the NT is present. Not in Darlow & Moule or the British Museum catalogue, though the latter describes a 1520 Paris printing which may be related; the place and date of printing are given in the colophon, but there is no indication as to the printer.***A nice little pocket NT, at 4 1/4" x 2 3/8" virtually a miniature. Rare: earlier than the first separately printed pocket NT mentioned in the British Museum catalogue. $2000.




With hand-colored woodcuts & capital letters

7. [Biblia] Textus Biblie Hoc in opere hec insunt. Concordantie veteris & novi testamenti... Additiones in marginibus varietatis diversorum textuum. Summaria... [etc.]. Lugduni: Joannem Crespin, 1527. Folio, 18th(?) century half calf; ornately engraved title; with the title, woodcuts and (woodcut) initial letters heading each chapter hand colored throughout; lightly ruled in red. ***Not in Darlow & Moule, but in the British Museum catalogue, Bibles, Part I, column 43. With the bookplate of Thomas Edward Watson and an old bookseller's catalogue description identifying this as the "Farmer Atkinson" copy.Quite a nice early printed Bible, with a variety of reader's aids, including marginal references. SOLD $5000.


the second folio Stephanus Vulgate

8. Biblia Breves in Eadem Annotationes, ex doctiss. interpretationibus, & Hebraeorum commentariis. Interpretatio propriorum nominum Hebraicorum. Index copiosissimus rerum & sententiarum utriusque testamento. Paris: Robertus Stephanus, 1532. Large folio (15 1/2" x 11 1/2"), old calf, sometime rebacked, the whole a bit worn & rubbed, but quite sound; title a bit soiled & with small pieces missing from the bottom corners; numerous pinhole wormholes at the front (not at all affecting the legibility of the text), all but one disappearing by I Kings 9 (and that by II Kings 2), and a lesser number at the rear, most disappearing in the index and with only a few in the last books of the NT; the text as a whole is crisp and clean (and, as is typical of Estienne printings, on very good quality paper with correspondingly good type]. ***Darlow & Moule 6112, the second Estienne edition, corrected and enlarged. The first edtion of 1528/7 was "the earliest genuine attempt at a critical edition of the Vulgate text. Three good MSS. were collated for it and compared with the best printed editions, including the Complutensian Polyglot." D & M continues, of the first edition: "This recension of R. Stephanus incurred the censure of the Theological Faculty of Paris," but was repeately printed by various other publishers and, in 1547 as an authorized edition, with only slight modifications, by the Theological Faculty of the University of Louvain. **Appended at the rear is Hebraica, Chaldaea, Graecaque & Latina nomina virorum, mulierum, populorum, idolorum urbium, fluuiorum, montium, caeterorumque locorum quae in Bibliis utriusque testamenti sparsa sunt, restituta, cum interpretatione latina. AND Index Rerum et Sententiarum quae in Veteris & Novi textamenti libris continentur. SOLD


"practically the foundation of the official Roman Vulgate"

9. Biblia... Hebraea, Chaldea, Graeca & Latina nomina ... restituta, cum Latina interpretatione. Paris: Roberti Stephani, 1540. 2 volumes, large folio, old (perhaps 18 th century) mottled calf, gilt spines (somewhat worn, with small pieces missing), still quite sound and attractive; title a bit soiled, with the bottom and outer margins strengthened verso; marginal staining to the preliminary leaves; the text generally is crisp and clean with wide margins. ***Darlow & Moule 6117, the third folio edition by the great scholar printer Robert Estienne (the NT is dated 1539), with the text representing a further revision of his 1528 edition, but based on a larger number [16] of manuscripts. The 1528 edition was "earliest genuine attempt at a critical edition of the Vulgate text," using three good manuscripts and the best printed editions. This work was censured by the Theological Faculty of Paris, but in spite of numerous attacks passed through numerous editions, being reprinted by a variety of other publishers. This 1540 edition nevertheless in time became "practically the foundation of the official Roman Vulgate." ***There are 19th century bookplates of Gervas Holmes and the Gawdy Hall Library and, also, that of Paul Howard Beves (July 1961).***A very good copy of this important text, of which it has been said: "quite simply the most remarkable and original typographical treatment of the Bible ever printed.... The 1540 folio thus has a claim to be considered the most beautiful bible ever printed" (The Cambridge History of the Bible III, pp. 437-438). SOLD


10. Libri Moysi quinque. Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Numeri. Deuteronomium. Cum annotationibus, & observationibus Hebraicis haud quaquam poenitendis, quae prolisi commentarii vice esse possunt. Parisiis: Roberti Stephani, 1541. 4to, modern calf over old boards (a portion of a medieval parchment leaf has been preserved in the rebinding); with old ownership inscriptions on the title and the modern ownership label of Elizabeth Armstrong inside the front cover; there is a bit of marginal staining and very minor marginal worming. There are 2 part pages of notes in a mid-16 th century hand on blank leaves at the rear. ***An attempt at a critical edition of the Pentateuch, with numerous explanatory notes.***Not in Darlow & Moule. Quite nice. $2,500


11. Evangelium Secundum Matthaeum ...Marcum ...Lucam ...Iohannem. Acta Apostolorum Breves variarum tralationum annotationes, adiecta veterum Latinorum exemplarium manuscriptorum diversa lectione. [With Pauli Apostoli Epistolae. Epistolae Catholicae. Apocalypsis B. Iohannis.] Parisiis: Ro. Stephani, 1541. 8vo, old red morocco, ornately gilt spine & gilt paneled covers, a bit worn with the front hinge just starting to split (but still quite sound); inner dentelles and all edges gilt; ruled in red throughout. ***Darlow & Moule 6119, the second separate edition of the NT printed by Robert Estienne: "This book incurred the censure of the Theological Faculty of Paris, on account of the supposed heretical tendency of some of the marginal notes." Quite a nice book. $2250.


12. Biblia... Paris: Petrus Regnault & Iacobus Regnault, 1543. 8vo, recently recased in vellum, possibly from an old manuscript; lacks free endpapers; leaves in gathering 'II' in the NT bound out of proper sequence, but none missing. ***Not in Darlow & Moule (but see 6118, a 1540 edition, the first printed by Regnault). Apparently essentially a reprint of the 1540 edition, which was itself a reprint of the Stephanus Latin Bible of the same year. These Bibles attempted to revise the traditional Latin Vulgate text by translating anew from the original Hebrew and Greek texts. $800.


13. Osiander, Andreas. Harmoniae Evangalicae Libri IIII... Annotationum... Lutetiae [Paris], Robertus Stephanus [Estienne], 1545. Tall 12mo, red morocco, gilt spine & gilt paneled covers, a.e.g. [the spine is signed 'Simier R. Du Roi' at the bottom]; several gatherings a bit pulled; the preface leaf to the second part is misbound after title to first part; there is a small hole in Gg9, removing some of a few words of text; the text is complete and is crisp & clean, with both title pages present. ***AO (1498-1552), an eminent early 16th century Reformer who was continually emmeshed in controversy, eventually developing his own doctrine of justification in which Christ is received by faith and the believer is made righteous by Christ's dwelling in him. ***An old printed note pasted in on the front free endpaper rightly says of this particular work: "Petit volume fort rare." $2500.


14.  Biblia Quid in had aeditione praestitum sit, vide in ea quam operi praeposuimus, ad lectorem epistola. Lutetiae: Robertus Stephanus [Estienne], 1545. Thick 8vo, very nicely newly rebound in full old style calf; edges dyed red; faintly ruled in red throughout; the title is a bit soiled and has an old ownership inscription and there are a few notations in a contemporary hand throughout; the top outer corner is torn from II8 (p. 72, Romans 2), just touching a couple letters of the sidenote;  the top c. ¾  of MM1-8  (II Corinthians 11 – Colossenses 1) is dampstained, with offsetting to the verso of LL8 and recto of NN1, probably incurred before the book was initially bound); there are also a few minor stains throughout, but the text generally is very good. ***Darlow & Moule 6127, the second octavo edition printed by Stephanus, with parallel column Latin texts: the Vulgate inside and Stephanus's recension of the 1543 Zurich version on the outside; there are extensive marginal notes, references and variant readings. The notes reflect in part the lectures of Vatablus, but also the opinions of Stephanus himself; this edition was both much admired and controversial, essentially challenging the authority of the text of the Vulgate. Schreiber says: "Very rare, copies are practically never found in good condition" (Schreiber).  As of this writing, two copies are available on the internet: one at approximately $12,500 and the other at just under $10,000. Quite an important edition. ***An 1867 note is tipped in following the title, noting that it had been ordered from the catalogue of a New York (City) bookseller.  $8500.


the Duke of Westminster's copy

15. Liber Psalmorum Davidis. Annotationes in eosdem ex Hebraeorum commentariis. [with] Cantica Quae in Bibliis sparsim leguntur. Lutetiae: Rob. Stephanus, 1546. Old (16th century?) red morocco, with the device of the Duke of Westminster ['WD', the 'D' superimposed on the 'W', with a crown above) in each spine panel & on both covers. Two small pieces missing at head of spine; front hinge a bit tender, but not yet splitting; a.e.g. Old ownership inscription torn from bottom title (repaired, not affecting text). 232, 24 leaves ***A parallel column Latin text by the great French scholar/printer Robert Estienne, with extensive notes below, explaining the basis of the New Latin version (as opposed to the Vulgate) in the Hebrew text. ***See Darlow & Moule 6127, which explains in a note that this was designed as the first part of an edition of the Bible in larger type, "but no further portions appeared." The 'Canticles' are included as the second pagination.A very nice book. $3000.


16. Biblia Interprete Sebastiano Castalione. Basileae: Ioannem Oporinum, 1554. Large folio, original paneled calf over wooden boards, newly rebacked, with new endpapers; text crisp and clean. ***See Darlow & Moule 6131; this is the second, revised edition of the Castalione's Latin text, with his annotations appended. D & M says that "A striking characteristic of Chateillon's Latin version is his use of classical substitutes for recognized ecclesiastical terms: e.g. fanum for templum, respublica for ecclesia, collegium for synagoga." C's Latin and French editions were strongly opposed by Calvin and Beza. Quite a good copy of this interesting Latin translation of the Bible. $1850.


The first Latin Bible with numbered verse divisions in the NT

17. Biblia. R. Stephanus Lectori. En tibi Bibliorum vulgata editio, in qua juxta Hebraicorum versuum rationem singula capita versibus distincta sunt,... [Geneva]: Robertus Stephanus, 1555. 8vo, old calf (probably 17th century), newly rebacked & recornered; ruled in red throughout; with the library stamp of Pusey House, Oxford inside the front cover and at the bottom of the title; the outer margin is trimmed quite tight, occasionally touching the marginal references. ***Darlow & Moule 6135; this is the first Latin Bible to incorporate Robert Estienne's NT with numbered verses. SOLD


The first Latin Bible with numbered verse divisions in the NT

18. Biblia. R. Stephanus Lectori. En tibi Bibliorum vulgata editio, in qua juxta Hebraicorum versuum rationem singula capita versibus distincta sunt,... [Geneva]: Robertus Stephanus, 1555. 8vo, old tree calf, newly rebacked; title soiled & a bit trimmed and with margins strengthened verso, outer margins of first leaves slightly abraded; top outer corner a bit defective first few leaves; margins of last half dozen leaves of NT decayed, affecting side-notes; final two leaves with marginal defects affecting text of the table giving the interpretation of Hebrew, Chaldean and Greek names. ***Darlow & Moule 6135; this is the first Latin Bible to incorporate Robert Estienne's NT with numbered verses. SOLD $1500.


19. Testamenti Novi Editio Vulgata Lugduni: Antonium Gryphium 1569. 16mo, old marbled paper covers/ leather label; old ownership inscriptions on title; the bottom outer corner (about 1/3 of the pages) is dampstained in quires C & D only; occasional light browning throughout. ***With a goodly number of 2/3 page woodcut illustrations in the text.***Darlow & Moule 6153; this NT (printed in two parts, with a separate title to Romans-Revelation) was printed as a companion to a printing of the OT in five parts, but the whole is rarely found as a set. Still a nice little illustrated edition of the Vulgate NT. SOLD $800.


20. Biblia Ad Vetustissima Exemplaria Nunc recens castigata. Venetiis: Haredes Nicolai Beuilaquae, & socios, 1576. Large folio, 18th(?) century half calf (slightly defective at top of spine), marbled boards, bit worn; old ownership inscription toward bottom of title; minor soiling & staining, but text generally crisp & clean. (16) 792, 62pp with numerous small woodcuts, including woodcut initials as chapter headings throughout. ***Quite a nice example of an illustrated 16th century Latin Bible; the Bible itself is 15" x 10 ¼"; the woodcuts mostly are 3 ¾" x 2 1/8" with some larger and those in the gospels smaller 1 7/8" x 2 3/16". $1600.


21. [John Bridges] Sacro-sanctum Novum Testamentum ... in Hexametros versus ad verbum & genuinum sensum fideliter in Latinam linguam translatum, per Iohannem Episcopum Oxoniensem. Londini: Valentinus Simsius, 1604. 8vo, 18th(?) century polished calf, front hinge starting to split, but still quite sound; lacks initial blank & with the bottom outer corner of T8 torn away, removing text from the bottom 12 lines (from half the line to a couple letters). (45) 736 (12)pp ***STC 3735; the NT translated into Latin verse by the Bishop of Oxford; a most unusual Latin NT. Without the errata leaves Y2 & Ddd8 (probably only in early issues of the work). $650.


22. Biblia Sacra Vulgate Editionis, Sixti V. & Clementis VIII. Pontif. Max Auctoritate recognita, versiculis distincta: una cum selectis annotationibus Ex Optimis quibusque Catholicis Interpretibus, & etiam ex Auctoribus Heterodoxis in his, quae Catholicae veritati non sunt contraria, excerptis: .... [ed.] Jo: Baptista Du Hamel. Venetiis: Ex. Typographia Balleoniana, 1731. 2 volumes, large quarto, original vellum; spines slightly defective with piece missing from head of spine of volume II, but bindings still quite sound. Frontispiece, lxxvi, 866; 888, 72pp with numerous small woodcuts throughout. ***The Clementine edition of the Vulgate, edited by J.B. Du Hamel, with annotations from Catholic commentators and the same from heretics, corrected by Catholic truth. Du Hamel's edition was reprinted at least several times in various cities: there is a 1706 Paris edition in the British Library. SOLD $650.


23. Sacra Biblia Variarum Translationum Juxta Exemplar Antuerpiae impressum anno 1616. Complectens Praeter Vulgatam, Sanctis Pagnini ex Hebraeo, Septuaginta Interpretum, & Chaldaicae Paraphrasis Versiones; insuper in Libris Josue, Judicum, & Ruth loco Chaldaicae Paraphrasis, alteram ex Hebraeo Francisci Vatabli Translationem. Benetiis: Nicolae Pezzana, 1747. 4 volumes, folio, original vellum (lacking small piece from bottom of spine of volume 3 & the whole a bit frayed at edges, but sound); text crisp & clean throughout. Engraved frontispiece, (68) (651); (8) (1) (808) 404-474; viii (1) (898); xv, (651) (38)pp ***Four Latin versions in parallel columns on facing pages: the Vulgate, the translation of Pagnini, the translation from the Septuagint and the translation from the Chaldaic paraphrase/Vatable; in the NT from the Syriac, Benedict Arias Montanus & Erasmus. An important critical edition; rare. $1250.

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