Short List #2:  All books are complete and in good used condition in their original bindings except as described otherwise. Postage is extra at cost; insurance optional. Books are offered subject to prior sale. Pictures of any item can be supplied (as e-mail attachments) on request.  All books legally remain the property of the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full. Contact us with questions or to order by email here.

1. SOLD Alexander, James W. Thoughts on Preaching. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1988. First published 1864. DJ,  light water staining to bottom of DJ and covers, not affecting integrity of the book & not affecting pages or text at all. 318pp  $5

2. Bonar, Andrew.  Memoir and Remains of R. M. M’Cheyne. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1987. DJ, very good. 648pp  $15

3. Bridges, Charles. The Christian Ministry.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1983. DJ. 390pp $12

4. Buchanan, James. The Doctrine of Justification: An Outline of Its history in the Church and of Its Exposition from Scripture. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1955. Some spotting to brown cloth. 514pp  $16

5. SOLD Burroughs, Jeremiah.  Gospel Worship.  Ligonier, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, 1990. First published 1648.  Lacks DJ. 398pp  $20

6. SOLD Case, Thomas. The Select Works of Thomas Case (1598-1682), Sometime Student of Christ Church, Oxford, Preacher of the Gospel and Member of the Westminster Assembly. Ligonier, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, 1993. DJ. 232pp  $25

7. Dickson, David. The Elder and His Work. Dallas, TX: Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1990.  PB. 85pp   $4

8. Edersheim, Alfred. Bible History: Old Testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. 1982. Seven volumes in one; 190pp; 200pp; 191pp; 196pp; 197pp; 216pp; 252pp   Lacks DJ. $10

9. Foxe, John. Foxe’s Christian Martyrs of the World. Westwood, NJ: Barbour, 1985.  590pp. $5

10. Heywood, Oliver. Heart Treasure. Beaver Falls, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, ND.  (Reprint.) First published 1666. Lacks DJ. 400pp.  $14

11. Hodge, A. A.  The Atonement. Memphis, TN: Footstool Pub, 1987.  With an appendix by Curtis Crenshaw on How to Handle So-Called Problem Passages on the Extent of the Atonement. 440pp; 39pp  $12

12. Hodge, A. A. The Confession of Faith. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1992. DJ slightly torn at top of spine.  Very light penciling. 436pp.   $8

13. SOLD James, John Angell. An Earnest Ministry: The Want of the Times. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1993.  First published 1847. DJ.  295pp  $10

14. Mackenzie, Robert. John Brown of Haddington. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1964. First published 1918. PB. 320pp  $5

15. M’Cheyne, Robert Murray.  Sermons of Robert Murray M’Cheyne. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1991. Paperback, last two pages reversed, but complete (186 and 187 printed in the wrong order). 187pp. $5

16. SOLD Miller, Samuel. Doctrinal Integrity: On the Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions and Adherence to Our Doctrinal Standards.  Dallas, TX: Presbyterian Heritage Publications, 1989.  137pp.  Lacks DJ. $17. 

17.  Muller, Richard. Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics.  Volumes 1 and 2. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1987. Volume 2 published 1993.  Paperback.  365; 543pp. $75

18.  Murray, John. Christian Baptism. Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1962.  DJ with plastic, Light occasional penciling, owners name inside front cover. 93pp. $10

19. Pink, Arthur W. The Sovereignty of God. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker,  1969. 320pp, some staining to green cloth cover, owner’s signature inside front cover.  $15

20. Pink, Arthur W. Studies in the Scriptures: 1946 and 1947. Two volumes.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1982. Paperback, very good. 288; 288pp. $20

21. Pipa, Joseph A. The Lord’s Day.  Ross-shire, GB: Christian Focus, 1997. PB, 256pp  $5

22. Preston, John. The Golden Scepter. Ligonier, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, 1990. No DJ. 248pp  $20.

23. Ryle, J. C.  Charges and Addresses. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1978. First Banner edition. DJ, very good, 384pp.  $12

24. Ryle, J. C. Five English Reformers. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1981. Paperback. Owners stamp to title.  Mark on table of contents, star in margins of page 6, marks to margins of chapter on John Bradford. 156pp  $3.

25. Ryle, J. C.  Holiness. Old Tappan, NJ: Revell, ND. Forward by D. M. Lloyd-Jones. DJ. Yellow highlighting to three pages of forward/introduction, penciled lines in the margins of first 5 pages of text. Otherwise very good. 333pp   $8.

26. Ryle, J. C. Knots Untied. London: Clarke, 1964. DJ chipped, some neat red underlining to text. 331pp    $12.   

27. Ryle, J. C. Old Paths. Cambridge: Clarke, 1977. DJ chipped, 521pp. $28

28. Ryle, J. C. Practical Religion. Cambridge: Clarke, 1970. DJ chipped, some neat red underlining to text. 324pp  $8.     

29. Ryle, J. C. Thoughts for Young Men. Amityville, NJ: Calvary Press, 1993. Paperback, 95pp.  $2.50

30. Smeaton, George. The Apostles’ Doctrine of the Atonement.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1991. First published 1870. DJ. 548pp   $15

31. Smeaton, George. Christ’s Doctrine of the Atonement. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1991. First Published 1870. DJ. 502pp   $15

32. Smeaton, George. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1988. First published 1882.  PB. 418pp   $12

33. Thomas, I.D.E., compiler . The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1989.  “Puritan Paperback” series, PB. 321pp   $3.

34. Vaughan, C. R. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth: 1984. First published 1894.  DJ. 415pp   $12

35. Warfield, B. B.  Biblical and Theological Studies. Edited by Samuel G. Craig. Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1952.  xlviii, 580pp. Very good. $22.  

36. Warfield, B. B.  Faith and Life. Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1990. 458pp.  Lacks DJ. Crisp, clean text. $10.     

37. Warfield, B. B.  The Lord of Glory. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, ND. Reprinted from the American Tract Society edition.  332pp Pencil underlining to pages 202-254 (two chapters). Owners marks at front and rear, red stamp inside front cover reading “Nov 9, 1954”.  $15

38. Warfield, B. B.  Miracles: Yesterday and Today, True and False. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1953. 327pp Originally published 1918 under the title Counterfeit Miracles. Marks and writing in margins on pages 3-30, 146-148. $8

39. SOLD Warfield, B. B.  The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield. In Ten Volumes. Grand Rapids, Baker, 1981. Reprinted from the Oxford edition. xiii, 456; 665; 459; 412; 428; 428; 400; 399; 611; 671; 487pp. A crisp, clean set in excellent condition.  This is the standard 10 volume collected works, but is not exhaustive of all his written materials.  The volumes include lists of other articles by Warfield, but not everything is even listed in this set.  Brown and yellow cloth, gilt to spines.  $125

40. Whitefield, George. George Whitefield’s Letters: A facsimile of Whitefield’s Works, Volume One, 1771, with Supplements. 1734-1742.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1976. DJ, slight tear and red smudge to bottom front of DJ.  570pp  $12

41. Winslow, Octavius.  The Work of the Holy Spirit.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1991. PB, 223pp  $4



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