Short List #3: Quartos and Smaller 


All books are complete and in good condition except as described otherwise. Postage is extra at cost; insurance optional. Books are offered subject to prior sale. Pictures of any item can be supplied (as e-mail attachments) on request.  All books legally remain the property of the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full.


1. Abbot, George.  An Exposition upon the Prophet Ionah.  Contained in certaine Sermons, preached in S. Maries Church in Oxford.  London: Richard Field, and .. sold by Richard Garbrand, 1600.  Quarto, 19th century calf, raised bands, gilt spine; portrait mounted; title faded.  Portrait, (4) 638pp  ***STC 34; Spurgeon refers to Abbott's work as “learned, laborious, and comprehensive”, saying it's “very antique in style; but, like “old wine,” it is none the worse for its age.”     $750.


2. Babington, Gervase. Comfortable Notes Upon the bookes of Exodus and Leviticus, as before upon Genesis.  London: Thomas Chard, 1604.  4to, original calf with ornate gilt devices in the center of both covers, surface abraded (from removal of a crude tape repair) for about an inch from spine, newly rebacked; lacks ties; minor marginal worming to top outer corner at rear.  (20) 466 (1) (11) 223pp  ***STC 1088, a scarce early quarto commentary by one of the most highly regarded OT scholars of his time.   $725.


3. SOLD Ball, John. A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace: wherein The graduall breakings out of Gospel-grace from Adam to Christ are clearly discovered.  London: G. Miller for Edward Brewster, 1645.  4to, somewhat worn contemporary calf, newly rebacked; old library stamp on title. (8) 350 (14)pp  ***Wing B579; published at the time of the Westminster Assembly and influential on their thinking on the doctrine. Scarce.  $900


4. Baxter, Richard.  A Call to the Unconverted.  to Turn & Live, and Accept of Mercy while Mercy may be had, as ever they would find Mercy in the Day of their Extremity.  From the Living God.  To be read in Families where any are Unvonverted.  London: for Richard Wilde and Rochard Baldwin, 1692.  12mo, modern black library buckram.   (48) 216pp  ***Wing B1204BOUND IN  is The Grounds and Principles of Religion contained in A Shorter Catechism  (According to the Advice of the Assembly of Divines sitting at Westminster.)  To be used throughout the Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales.  London: John Whitlock, 1692. The top line of the last page is shaved away. 21 (3)pp   Wing W1454A   $750.


5. Baxter, Richard. A Key for Catholicks, To open the Jugling of the Jesuits, and satisfie all that are but truly willing to understand, whether the Cause of the Roman or Reformed Churches be of God; and to leave the Reader utterly unexcusable that after this will be a Papist.  London: R.W. for Nevil Simmons, Bookseller in Kederminster, and by Thomas Johnson, 1659. 4to, original calf, newly rebacked with new label; text crisp and clean. (20) 460pp ***Wing B1294, the first edition. The second part of the work is written to show “that the Catholick Church is not United in any meerly Humane Head, either Pope or Council.”    $600.


6. Baxter, Richard. Rich: Baxter's Confession of his Faith, Especially concerning the Interest of Repentance and sincere Obedience to Christ, in our Justification & Salvation. London: R.W. for Tho. Underhil, and Fra. Tyton, 1655. 4to, original calf, newly rebacked and recornered; an old copperplate portrait is tipped in on the recto of the front free endpaper; there is a paper flaw to (b2) & (b3) of the Preface to the Reader, removing several words from the bottom line of text on (b3); some of the blank outer margin of (b4) has been trimmed; there are very occasional marginal annotations in two old hands and an old hand made pin has been inserted in two places (E1 & I2), evidently to mark the text there.  (56) 462 (28)pp   ***Wing B1231; the last 28 pages are replies to orthodox Reformed critics of B's heretical teachings.     $650.                                                                     


7. Baxter, Richard. The Saints Everlasting Rest: or, A Treatise Of The Blessed State of the Saints in their enjoyment of God in Glory. Wherein is shewed its Excellency and Certainty; the Misery of those that lose it; the way to Attain it, assurance of it; and how to live in the continual delightfull Fore-tasts of it, by the help of Meditation. The Tenth  Edition, Revised by the Author. London: Francis Tyton, ...And Jane Underhill, 1669. 4to, old half calf, newly rebacked, with new endpapers; the title is lightly soiled and is mounted, with the outer blank margin of the following leaf reinforced; some staining to the outer margin at front & rear, with some occasional random pencil markings. (28) 826 (4)pp  ***Wing B1392; a good copy of an early edition of B's best known work; other than in the four volume 'Practical Works', all editions printed after 1688 are severely abridged.      $450.


8. Bolton, Samuel. The Arraignment of Errour: or, A Discourse serving as a curb to restrain the wantonnesse of mens spirits in the entertainment of opinions; and as a Compasse, whereby we may sail in the search and finding of truth; distributed into six main Questions. Quest. I. How it may stand with Gods, with Satans, with a mans own ends, that there should be erroneous opinions? London: G. Miller for Andrew Kembe, 1646. 4to, new quarter calf/ cloth boards. (20) 360pp ***Wing B3517; a scarce work by a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines. $650.


9. Boys, Edward.  Sixteen Sermons, preached upon Several Occasions. London: Richard Hodgkinson, for William Oliver, 1672.  Quarto, modern calf; with the round bookplate of R.C. Fiske.  (14) 414 (2)pp  ***Wing B4065;  Fiske was Rector of Mautby in Norfolk; the first sermon is entitled 'The Royal Martyr', mourning the execution of King Charles I.  An admired preacher and a decided Royalist.    $250.


10. Bridge, William.  Twenty one several Books of Mr William Bridge; … Pastor of the Church of Christ in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.  London: Peter Cole, 1657.    (22) 325 (5)pp  ***Wing B4445A  BOUND WITH   … The Second Volume.  London: Peter Cole, 1649.  (4) 259 (6)pp  ***Wing B4446  BOUND WITH   ...The third volumn.  London: Peter Cole, 1649.  (24) 214pp ***Wing B4447  BOUND WITH  Christs coming Opened in a Sermon before the Honourable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster: May 16. 1648.  Being the day appointed30or Thanksgiving for the great Victory in Wales.  London: Peter Cole, 1648.  (7) 23pp ***Wing B4451 BOUND WITH  The Saints Hiding-Place In the time of Gods Anger.  Presented in a Sermon to the Right Honorable the House of Lords the Abby-Church at Westminster, October 28. 1646, the solemn day of their Monthly Fast.  London: Peter Cole, 1647.  (5) 33pp ***Wing B4461 BOUND WITH  A Vindication of Ordinances: ...Unto which is added, Grace and Love beyond Gifts: Opened in a Sermon before the Lord Major of London.  London: Peter Cole, 1653.  (6) 66 (2)pp (the last 2pp being a list of books printed by Cole). ***Wing B4474 AND  Scripture Light, The most sure Light.  Compared with 1. Revelations and Visions.  2. Natural, and Supernatural Dreams. 3. Impressoins with, and without the Word.  4. Light and Law within.  5. Divine Providence.  6. Christian Experience. 7.  Humane Reason. 8. Judicial Astrology.  London: Peter Cole, 1656. Quarto, modern calf.  (18) 149 (12)  450 (36)pp [The False Apostle Tryed and Discovered Wing B4453 is a secondary title as part of this work, at page 403] ***Wing B4462 BOUND WITH  Two Sermons: I. The great Things Faith can Do.  II. The great Things Faith can Suffer.  London: Peter Cole, 1656.  (4) 36 (4)pp  ***Wing B4471 ***Together 2 volumes, modern calf (bound to match, though the text block of the first volume is smaller than the second); a collection of the works of WB (1600-1670), an Independent member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines; an influential Puritan divine.  His works are rare.  The above were all published separately.     $3000.  


11. Brown, John (of Wamphray). An Apologeticall Relation, Of the particular sufferings of the faithfull Ministers & professours of the Church of Scotland, since August. 1660. Wherein severall questions, usefull for the time, are discussed: The King's prerogative over Parliaments & people soberly enquired into: The lawfelnes of defensive war cleared. The supreme Magistrats power in Church matters examined, Mr Stillingfleet's, notion concerning the divine right of formes of Church Government, considered. ...[with] A brieff account from History, of the Government of the Church of Scotland... Printed in the Yeer, 1665.  Small 8vo, original vellum, with text a bit loose in the binding.  (32) 424 (6 of 7)pp [lacks the last page of the Table of Contents at the rear]  ***Wing B5026; in this work, in defense of the Covenanters, he extends and applies the principles regarding the relationship of church and state which were previously enunciated by Samuel Rutherfurd & George Gillespie. Robert Wodrow described Brown as "a man of very great learning, warm zeal, and remarkable piety."    $500.


12. SOLD Bulkeley, Peter.  The Gospel-Covenant; or The Covenant of Grace Opened.  The second Edition, much enlarged, and corrected by the Author. London: Matthew Simmons, 1651.  Quarto, 19th century morocco, gilt paneled spine & covers, small piece missing from head of spine; title mounted; with a small piece missing from the bottom outer corner of B3 (“To the Church”) and with a couple words to a couple letters replaced in MS recto (the verso is blank); the sidenotes are frequently shaved throughout.. (14) 432 (9)pp  ***Wing B5404; Bulkeley was minister in Concord, New England.    $2000.


13. Burroughes, Jeremiah.  Gospel-worship: or, The Right manner of Sanctifying the Name of God in generall.  And particularly in these 3 great Ordinances, ) viz. ( 1. Hearing the Word. 2. Receiving the Lords Supper  3. Prayer.  London: for Peter Cole and R.W., 1648.  The text is a bit soiled.  Portrait (with a short closed tear), (13) 297 (17)pp  BOUND WITH  The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.  London: Peter Cole, 1648. (16) 208pp AND (4) 299-329 (16), that is, lacking the intervening pages.    ***Two volumes bound in one, old (probably 19th century) cloth, dual calf labels; the second title is defective as noted. With the ownership inscription “William Young  Aug. 3, 1984” on the front free endpaper.  Respectively Wing B6084  and B6102   $550.


14. John Calvin. The Institution of Christian Religion, ... London: H. Midleton, for W. Norton, 1587. 4to, contemporary calf, newly rebacked (without label), gilt paneled, with gilt device in center of each cover; lacks clasps, with only the upper catch on the rear cover remaining.  Title neatly mounted; text crisp and clean throughout; there is a closed tear to the top of the last leaf of text. (12) 507 (109) leaves ***STC 4422; "Whereunto there are newly added in the margent of the booke, notes conteyning in briefe the substance of the matter handled in each section." Old library stamp of the Baptist College Bristol on the front free endpaper.  $3000.


15. Clarke, Samuel.  A Mirrour or Looking-Glasse both for Saints, and Sinners, Held forth in about two thousand Examples: Wherein is presented, as Gods wonderful Mercies to the one, so his severe Judgments against the other.  The second Edition much enlarged.  London: Tho. Newberry, 1654.  8vo, old calf, newly rebacked and recornered.  Portrait, extra engraved title, (29) 637 (2)pp  ***Wing C4549   $450.


16. Collings, John.  A Cordial for a Fainting Soule.  Part II.  The Sum of two and twenty Lecture-Sermons more, Preacht...  Wherein is discovered The power of Faith, in order to the conquest of Carnel and slavish fears, and irregular disquietments and dejections of Spirit, …  London: for Richard Tomlins, 1650.  Quarto, contemporary calf, newly rebacked; the top c. 11 cm is torn from the top of the title and replaced in MS (the 'A' of the title and the decorative rule above that), the bottom outer corner of Hh7 is torn away, with the loss of a word or two on two lines recto and three lines verso..  (59) 306 (13)pp  ***Wing C5309, the second of three separately printed parts of a fine practical Puritan work; the three are rarely found together and each is rare.  Collings also wrote a two volume commentary on the Song of Solomon which Spurgeon greatly admired.   ***With a 19th century bookplate and a 1648 publisher's advertisement (for this book) tipped in inside the front cover. There are also early 18th andd 19th century ownership inscriptions.    $700.


17. Dickson, David.  Therapeutica Sacra:  Shewing briefly, The Method Of Healing the Diseases of the Conscience, concerning Regeneration.  Edinburgh: James Watson, 1695.  8vo, contemporary calf, surface worn, newly rebacked & recornered; with the bottom and top outer corners of the title replaced.  752Pp  ***Wing D1409; originally written in Latin and then subsequently translated by the author; this is the second edition of his translation. A scarce and important work.   $1250.


18. SOLD Donne, John.  BIAQANATOS.  A Declaration of that Paradox, or Thesis, that Self-Homicide is not so Naturally Sin, that It may never be Otherwise.  London: 1700.  8vo, original paneled calf, newly rebacked.  (32) VIII, 190pp   ***Wing D1860; first printed in 1644, this is the second edition of a work discussing the possibility of suicide.  The first edition is much more expensive than the second or third.  $1200.                                 


19. Downame, Iohn.  Lectures upon the Foure First Chapters of the Prophecie of Hosea. London: Felix Kyngston, for WilliamWelby, 1608.  4to, old half calf, bit worn; outer page edges abraded through about page 50; worming to the upper outer margin from page 97 (second pagination) to page 338, a single wormhole except between 145 and 239 where there are two; between 239 and 296 the worming is more severe, particularly from 271 to 292 where it expands and even extends slightly into the text, after which it becomes a single wormhole to the blank margin again. (12) 320, 347pp  ***STC 7145; Spurgeon: "An exposition of the richest kind. Get it by all means, if you can."   $900.


20. Durham, James. The Dying man's Testament to the Church of Scotland: or, A Treatise concerning Scandal. Edinburgh: the Heir Andrew Anderson, 1680. Small 8vo, new quarter calf. (32) 392pp ***Wing D2812, the third edition of this classic work, dealing with scandal both private and public and particularly the scandal of church division.    $500.


21. Jonathan Edwards. An Account of the Life Of the late Reverend Mr. David Brainerd, Minister of the Gospel, Missionary to the Indians, from the honourable Society in Scotland, for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge, and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians in New-Jersey. Boston: N.E.: D. Henchman, 1749. 8vo, new half brown morocco/ marbled boards; a good copy with good margins. (1) xii, (18) 316 (2)pp  ***The first edition of this classic biography; the 18pp before the text proper are a list of Subscriber's names; the final 2pp are books printed for and sold by Henchman.  $2000.


22. Edwards, Jonathan.  A careful and strict Enquiry into The modern prevailing Notions of that Freedom of Will, Which is supposed to be essential to Moral Agency, Vertue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame.  Boston, N.E.: S. Kneeland, 1754.  New calf, 8vo; the verso of the title and the second, third and fourth leaves, and the recto of the second, are silked; there are the remains of old tape markings on the title.  (1) vi, (4) 294 (14)pp  with an Errata tipped in over the Addenda.  The FIRST EDITION of this great work.  $2250.


23. Featly, Daniel.  The Romish Fisher Caught and Held in his owne net.  London: H.L. for Robert Milbourne, 1624.  4to, original calf (outer edges quite worn), newly rebacked; embossed library stamps of the Wigan Free Public Library.  (22) 46, a blank,  (72) 176,   (12) 1- 191 (should read 190)pp  ***STC 10738:  this entry says "The sequence of writing and printing the book is problematic" and it's not clear what this copy is missing textually.  The last pagination has a title reading: An Appendix to The Fishers Net:... London: Robert Milbourne, 1624.  Featley (1582-1645), though an Episcopalian, attended the Westminster Assembly and (much earlier in his life) was involved in the translation of the KJV (the company meeting at Oxford, responsible for the later books of the OT).  $500.


24. Gilpin, Richard.  Daemonologia Sacra.  Or, a Treatise of Satans Temptations; In Three Parts.  London: J.D. For Richard Randel, and Peter Maplisden, 1677.  Quarto, contemporary calf, somewhat worn with hinges starting to split, but still quite sound; text crisp & clean.  (20) 409, 216pp  ***Wing G777;  the first edition of a fine Puritan work, reprinted in the 19th century in the Nichol Puritan Divines series.  $650.


25. Goodwin, Thomas.  Certain Select Cases Resolved: Specially tending to the comfort of Beleevers, in their chief and usuall Temptations: ...  Heretofore all published in three Treatises, ...   I. (1) (14) 165 (1) [A Childe of Light Walking in Darkness:...]; II. (16) 136 [The Return of Prayers. London: R. Dawlman, 1643. incomplete, ending on the verso of S4 in mid-sentence]; III. (4) 167 (8), pages 19-22 are a bit pulled [The Tryall of A Christians Growth in Mortification, Vivification)  OR (Purging out corruption.  Bringing forth more fruit. A Treatise handling this Case, How to discerne our Growth in Grace: … London: R. Dawlman, 1643.]; IV. (6)  50 pages 9 to 40 are a bit pulled [The Vanity of Thoughts Discovered  with Their Danger and Cure:   London: R. Dawlman, 1643.]; V.  (5) 121  [Aggravation of Sinne: and Sinning  Against (Knowledge. Mercie. sub-titles at 23 and 83)  London: T.P. And M.S. for John Rothwell, 1643.];  VI. (22) with the bottom outer corner of 6 torn away, removing a few letters recto 202  [Christ Set Forth... London: W.E. And J.G. For Robert Dawlman, 1642]; VII. (8) 140 top of last leaf a bit defective, affecting the headline  [Encouragements to Faith.  London: R. Dawlman, 1645.] (1) 34 the first few leaves are defective at the top, slightly affecting the first word of the title and the headlines  [The Heart of Christ in Heaven, Towards Sinners on Earth.  Or, A Treatise demonstrating The gracious Disposition and tender Affection of Christ in his Human Nature now in Glory, unto his Members under all sorts of Infirmities, either of Sin or Misery.  London: R. Dawlman, 1642.]  ***4to,  contemporary calf, newly rebacked, bottom outer corner of front cover worn away;  the general title and the title to 'Childe' are worn and silked, with the top inner corner and the bottom outer corner missing; there is some general wear and a few gatherings are a bit pulled (but not loose) including Wing G1229, with G1230, G1254, G1261, G1264, G1223, G1232 [the entry in Wing places this apparently separately printed title under Christ Set Forth) & G1242; while these works were technically printed separately, when found at all they are frequently found bound together, in whole or in part, with the Certain Select Cases. The works in this volume were all printed in Goodwin's lifetime; the large bulk of his works were edited by his son and published posthumously, first in five folio volumes, subsequently in twelve octavos.       $750.


26. Gouge, William.  Gods Three Arrowes:  Plague, Famine, Sword.  In three Treatises.  I. A Plaister for the Plague.  II. Dearths Death.  III. The Churches Conquest over the Sword.  London: George Miller for Edward Brewster, 1631.  Quarto, new quarter calf, marbled boards, label.  (14) 436 (8)pp  ***STC 12116   $500.


27. Hall, Joseph.  The Shaking of the Olive Tree.  The Remaining Works Of that Incomparable Prelate  Joseph Hall, D.D.  Late Bishop of Norwich.  With Some Specialities of Divine Providence inhis life  Noted by His own Hand.  Together with his Hard Measure  Written also by Himself.  London: J. Cadwell for J. Crooke, 1660.  Quarto, modern calf, with the round book plate of R.C. Fiske.  (16) 438pp  ***Wing H416   $400.


28. Manton, Thomas.  A Practical Commentary  or an Exposition with Notes on the Epistle of James.  London: Luke Fawne, 1651.  Quarto,  contemporary reversed calf, somewhat worn with crude repairs head & tail of spine and front hinge splitting, but still holding firm.  (18) 624pp   ***Wing M527;  Spurgeon: “In Manton's best style. ...Few such books are written now.”  $300.


29. Owen, John.  The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Through the Imputation of the Righteousness of Christ, Explained, Confirmed, & Vindicated.  London: R. Boulter, 1677.  Quarto,  new calf, with old covers laid down; cloth labels.  ***Wing O739;  the FIRST EDITION of this great work.  $650.


30. Perkins, William.  A golden Chaine: or, The Description of Theologie, containing the order of the causes of Salvation and Damnation, according to Gods word.  (Cambridge): Iohn Legat, 1600.  Tall octavo, old calf, newly rebacked with old ornately gilt spine laid down; some worming to the outer blank margin from page 71 to 508, occasionally substantial, but mostly a single wormhole; also worming to the lower outer margin from 717 to 916, mostly a single hole, but more substantial between 830 and 870, not affecting sidenotes;very minor worming to the bottom margin from page 305 onward.  (8) elaborate folding table (and 4 further inserted tables) 1057pp    ***STC 19646; with 12 other treatises; a nice copy of what essentially is a preliminary version of Perkins' collected works, the full version of which is the 3 volume folio set first published in 1608.    $1600.


31. Poole, Matthew.  The Nullity of the Romish Faith; or A Blow At the Root of the Romish Church, being An Examination of that Fundamental Doctrine of the Church of Rome concerning the Churches Infallibility, …  London: Rob. Boulter and R. Smith, 1679.  8vo, contemporary calf, newly rebacked. (10) 244, 100 (6)pp  ***Wing P2848 [apparently, as the Wing entry adds T. Passinger];  one of Poole's lesser known works.  $450.


32. Preston, John.  Life Eternall  or, A Treatise Of the knowledge of the Divine Essence and Attributes.  London: R.B. and ...sold by Nicholas Bourne ..., and by Rapha Harford, 1631.  4to, contemporary reversed calf, newly repaired head & tail of spine; some gatherings slightly pulled.  (27) 175, 204 (22)pp including the errata.  ***STC 20233; FIRST EDITION $450.


33. Reyner, Edward.  Rules for the Government of the Tongue:  Together, With Directions in six Particular Cases.  London: R.I. for Thomas Newberry, 1656.  8vo, original calf, new label.  (16) 363 (17)pp   ***Wing R1230;  ER, minister of the Gospel in Lincoln.   $600.   


34. Ramsey, John.  The Growth of Tares.  A Sermon Preached at Kings Lynne in the County of Norfolk, in the Lecture course.  London: Thomas Creake, 1659.  Quarto, new quarter calf, marbled boards, label; text crisp.  (8) 3-323pp  ***NOT in the Wing catalogue.  $600.


35. Roberts, Francis.  A Communicant Instructed: or, Practical Directions For Worthy Receiving of the Lords-Supper.  The third Edition, diligently revised and corrected by the Author.  London: T.R. For George Calvert, 1659.  8vo, original calf (surface worn), newly rebacked in morocco.  (22) folding chart, 244 (12)pp  ***Wing R1592   $500.


36. Robinson, Robert.  The History of Baptism.  London: Couchman and Fry, for Thomas Knott, 1790.  Large quarto, half calf, bit worn.   (28) 653 (1)pp  ***The FIRST EDITION of this standard history of Baptism and the Baptists; unabridged and scarce.    $250.


37. SOLD Rutherford, Samuel.  The Covenant of Life Opened: Or, A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace, …  Edinburgh: A. A. for Robert Broun, 1655.  Quarto, original calf, newly rebacked with a new label.  (16) 368pp  ***Wing R2374A; a scarce work by this eminent Scottish Covenanter and Westminster Assembly Divine.   $950.


38. SOLD Rutherfurd, Samuel. Lex, Rex: The Law and the Prince. A Dispute for the just Prerogative of King and People. London: for John Field, 1644. 4to, modern quarter calf; the leaf facing the title is tipped onto the verso of the title; the outer margins are slightly decayed throughout, though the text is not affected except for a few letters of a sidenote on the verso of page 460; there is some light dampstaining throughout. (39) 467pp ***Wing R2386; still a good copy of the first edition of R's most influential work. The noted defects notwithstanding, still a respectable, essentially complete copy of an important book.  $1250.


39. Sibs, Richard.  Bowels Opened:  or, A Discovery of the Near and Dear Love, Union and Communion betwixt Christ and the Church, And consequently betwixt Him and every Beleeving-Soul.  ...on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Chapters Of the Canticles.  The third Edition. London: R. Cotes for John Clark, 1648.  Quarto, original calf, repaired to bottom of spine, with front hinge splitting there; the title and following leaves are pulled and a bit frayed at the edges, but the text otherwise is very good.  (18) 436 (20)pp  ***Wing S3731;  Spurgeon: "Sibbes never writes ill. His repute is such that we need only mention him."  With the ownership inscription of Robert Haldane, one who, though a Baptist and Congregationalist, did much to revive Evangelical Calvinism in early 18th century Scotland.   $750.


40. Sibbs, Richard.  The Soules Conflict with it selfe, and Victory over it selfe by Faith.  The fourth Edition.  London: for R.D. and … sold by John Williams, 1651.  8vo, somewhat crude modern leather; new endpapers.  (18) 516 (7)pp   ***Wing S3745;  first published in 1633, a scarce work by this eminent Puritan divine.    $350.


41. Francis Taylor.  An Exposition with Practicall Observations upon The 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Chapters of the Proverbs: Grammaticall, Rhetoricall, Logicall, and Theologicall. As they were delivered in  severall Expository Lectures at Christ-Church in Canterbury.  London: E. Cotes, and ..sold by Henry Eversden, 1657.  4to, old (but probably late 19th/ early 20th century) half leather. (7) 817 (16)pp  ***Wing T274A, the second of two volumes of FT's exposition of Proverbs (no further volumes were published). Spurgeon: ", old-fashioned Puritan divinity."  Published separately, this and the companion volume on chapters 1 to 3 are only occasionally found bound together. Scarce.    $600.


42. Taylor, Thomas.  Moses and Aaron, or the Types and Shadows Of our Saviour in the old Testament, Opened and Explained.  Very usefull for the better understanding the whole Scripture.  London: John Williams, 1653.  4to, original calf, newly rebacked; title mounted and with the outer margin of the following leaf reinforced; with a dark stain to the bottom inner corner of the seventh and eighth leaves and with a stain at the rear, from page 297.  (16) 309pp  ***Wing T567; a fine Puritan work.    $500.


43. Walker, William.  A Modest Plea for Infants Baptism.  Wherein the Lawfulness of the Baptizing of Infants is defended...  Cambridge: John Hayes, and .. sold by Henry Dckinson, 1677.  Octavo, contemporary paneled calf, with the hinges splitting at the top and bottom of the front cover and the top of the rear, but still quite sound. (38) 426 (4)pp  ***Wing W430 $300.


44. John Wesley. The Doctrine of Original Sin: according to Scripture, Reason, and Experience. Bristol: E. Farley, 1757. 8vo, contemporary reversed calf, bit worn head & tail of spine. 522 (1)pp    First edition.    $1500.





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