Short List #1:  Beginning with the list below I intend to issue, in similar format,  perhaps once  a month, brief lists of pre-1700 century theology. The books listed will vary considerably; many will be Puritan, but there will be Scottish Presbyterian and Anglican books, as well as Continental Reformed and Lutheran works.


All books are complete and in good condition except as described otherwise. Postage is extra at cost; insurance optional. Books are offered subject to prior sale. Pictures of any item can be supplied (as e-mail attachments) on request.  All books legally remain the property of the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full.



1. Baille, James.  Spiritual Marriage: or, The Union betweene Christ and his Church.  As it was delivered in a Sermon at Westminster, the first of Januarie, Anno Dom. 1626.  4to, 19th century half calf, somewhat worn; newly rebacked; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library and with the small embossed stamp of that library on the title. (8) 48pp ***STC 1203; apparently his only published work.     $300.


2. Baxter, Richard. Reliquiae Baxterianae: or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Narrative of The most Memorable Passages of his Life and Times. [ed.] Matthew Sylvester. London: T. Parkhurst, J. Robinson, J. Lawrence, and J. Dunton, 1696. Folio, contemporary mottled calf, newly rebacked; lacks the portrait; title mounted; with the bookplate of Crozer Theological Seminary and its library stamp on the title; closed tear to the leaf following the title and tears to the blank bottom margin of the next leaf; the second leaf of the 8 page index has internal tears without loss; there is a library stamp on the verso of the final leaf. (28) 448, 200, 132 (8); (1) 18 pp ***Wing B1370; includes MS's Elisha's Cry after Elijah's God, a sermon preached on B's death. Although considerably colored by Baxter's point of view, this account of B's life & times is indispensable to an understanding of the ecclesiastical history of the time. Although abridgements have been printed subsequently, this is the only complete edition. Still a good, sound copy.   $500.


3. Baxter, Richard. The Saints Everlasting Rest: or, A Treatise Of the Blessed State of the Saints in their enjoyment of God in Glory. Wherein is shewed its Excellency and Certainty; the Misery of those that lose it; the way to Attain it, assurance of it; and how to live in the continual delightful Fore-tasts of it, by the help of Meditation. The Tenth Edition, Revised by the Author. London: Francis Tyton, And Jane Underhill, 1669. 4to, old calf, newly rebacked, marbled endpapers; the general title is neatly mounted; the outer margin of U2-6 (pp. 267-276) is defective, with repairs to the outer margin on the first 4 of these 5 leaves: on the first 3 the missing sidenotes and lines of text are very neatly replaced in ink facsimile (mostly sidenotes on U2, mostly text on U3—some words of 14 lines of text on U3--, much less on U4, but with some words on c. 14 lines of text missing from U5 and not replaced; there is a small hole in U6 removing a few letters from  c. 4 lines of text; through these leaves and for perhaps half a dozen leaves before and after them, there is a light brown half moon stain to the middle of the outer margin, extending somewhat into the text; the final leaf (of the Table) at the rear is repaired, but not affecting the text; the text is otherwise very good throughout. (28) 836 (4)pp  ***Wing B1392A; the defects notwithstanding, still quite a good copy of an early edition of B's best known work; other than in the four volume 'Practical Works', all editions printed after 1688 are severely abridged.   $400.


4. Baxter, Richard. The Saints Everlasting Rest: or, A Treatise Of the Blessed State of the Saints in their enjoyment of God in Glory. Wherein is shewed its Excellency and Certainty; the Misery of those that lose it; the way to Attain it, assurance of it; and how to live in the continual delightful Fore-tasts of it, by the help of Meditation. The Tenth Edition, Revised by the Author. London: Francis Tyton, And Jane Underhill, 1669. 4to, old half calf, marbled boards, newly rebacked; the general title is neatly  mounted; on the following leaf the outer margin is strengthened verso, slightly affecting the sidenote; there is a repair to the blank margin recto of the first leaf of the numbered text; apart from minor scribbling in pencil at the front, the text is very good throughout. (28) 836 (4)pp  ***Wing B1392A; a good copy of an early edition of B's best known work; other than in the four volume 'Practical Works', all editions printed after 1688 are severely abridged.  $450.


5. Bolton, Samuel. The Arraignment of Errour: or, A Discourse serving as a curb to restrain the wantonnesse of mens spirits in the entertainment of opinions; and as a Compasse, whereby we may sail in the search and finding of truth; distributed into six main Questions. Quest. I. How it may stand with Gods, with Satans, with a mans own ends, that there should be erroneous opinions? London: G. Miller for Andrew Kembe, 1646.  4to, new quarter calf/ cloth boards. (20) 360pp ***Wing B3517; a scarce work by a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines.      $650.


6. Boys, John. The Workes... London: Iohn Haviland for William Aspley, 1622. Small folio, new quarter calf; the top outer (blank) corner is a bit worn and there is a very light dampstain for the first c. 35 pages; the title is a bit soiled; the text in general is crisp and clean. (6) 988 (10)pp ***STC 3452; 'An Exposition of all the Principall Scriptures used in our English Liturgie'. Spurgeon: "Racy, rich and running over. ...Boys is all essence. "The recent reprint is abridged. With the bookplate of the English Church Union Theological Library.  $750.


7. Burgesse, Anthony.  The Doctrine of Original Sin, Asserted & Vindicated  against The old and new Adversaries thereof.  and Practically Improved for the Benefit of the meanest Capacities.  London: Abraham Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1659.  Folio, original calf, somewhat worn, newly rebacked; with the 1694 ownership inscription of Jonathan Pierpont at the top of the title (& a 1711 inscription on the front free endpaper by the same owner; inside the front cover is a later hand drawn bookplate reading “No. 11.  Edmund Sawyer’s Book.”  ***Wing B5646; a good copy of an important Puritan doctrinal work, by an influential member of the Westminster Assembly, particularly esteemed for his theological discernment.   $1000.


8. Byfield, Nicholas. An Exposition upon the Epistle to the Colossians. London: William Stansby for Nathaniel Butter, 1627. Folio, nice new blindstamped full calf; the outer margin of the front free endpaper is a bit chipped & a small piece is missing from the blank bottom outer corner of the title and following leaf; the title has two old library stamps, one embossed, both relatively inconspicuous; text crisp & clean. (30) 173, 90, (10) 137 (8) 157-202 (13) [complete, the odd pagination notwithstanding]. ***STC 4218; Spurgeon: "He writes like an earnest, faithful man, resolved to keep back nothing of the counsel of God; but he too little studies brevity, and consequently wearies most readers. He is always worth consulting." The ownership inscription ‘Thos Westerman’s Book 1758’ is on the front free endpaper.    $900.


9. Chibald, William.  A Tryall of Faith: by the Touch-Stone of the Gospel, the Word Of Faith.  whereby Christians may discerne whether or no, they have a saving Faith.  London: G.P. for Samuel Man, 1622.  Small 8vo, new quarter calf; title soiled, with outer edges frayed; corners front & rear a bit dog-eared; LACKS  B1 & 8 of the Preface; there is occasional worming to the top margin, especially toward the rear. (28 of 32) 349 (3)pp  ***STC  5135; a scarce variant printing.       $750.


A New England Puritan divine:

10. Cobbet, Thomas.  A Practical Discourse of Prayer.  Wherein is handled, The Nature, the Duty, the Qualifications of Prayer; the several sorts of Prayer; viz. Ejaculatory, Publick, Private, and Secret Prayer.  With the Necessity of, and Ingagements unto Prayer.  Together, with sundry Cases of Conscience about it.  London: R.I. for Thomas Newberry, 1657.  8vo, original calf; somewhat worn;  lacks front endpapers & A1 (blank); a piece is torn from the upper outer corner of the title (which is also somewhat creased), removing part of the ‘e’ of ‘Discourse’; there is a worm hole in the text from page 347, but from 363 to 402 often affecting several letters; the outer edge of the last several leaves are slightly decayed, not touching the text. (14) 550pp ***Wing C4781; TC (1608-1685), Minister of the Word at Lyn, in New-England; after studies at Oxford, he left due to the plague and studied privately under Dr. William Twisse. With John Davenport he departed for New England and first was Teacher of the Church at Lynn and then, from 1656 to his death, was Pastor of the First Church in Ipswich.   $1250.


11. Deacon, John & John Walker.  Dialogicall Discourses of Spirits and Divels.  Declaring their proper essence, natures, dispositions, and operations: their possessions, and dispossessions: with other the appendances, peculiarly appertaining to those speciall points.  Verie conducent, and pertinent to the timely procuring of some Christian conformitie in judgement: for the peaceable compounding of the late sprong controversies concerning all such intricate and difficult doubts.  Londoni: Impensis Geor. Bishop, 1601. (32) 356 (12)pp  WITH  A Summarie Answere to al the Material Points in any of Master Darrl his bookes.  More Especiallie to that one booke of his, intituled, the Doctrine of the Possession and Dispossession of Demoniaks out of the word of God.  Londini: Geor. Bishop, 1601. (32) 240 (8)pp  ***4to, original calf, newly rebacked; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library and its small embossed seal on the title; there is slight decay to the bottom edge at the front & rear, but otherwise the text is crisp & clean throughout. ***Respectively STC 6439 & 6440, but apparently normally issued together. This work, essentially from a ‘puritan’ point of view, argues the reality of demonic activity against those who denied its possibility and, as such, is part of the 17th century debate which concluded with the modern attitude that supernatural activity of any sort is impossible. Quite scarce.       $4500.


12. [Eusebius] The Auncient Ecclesiastical Histories of the First Six Hundred Yeares after Christ, written in the Greeke tongue by three learned Historiographers, Eusebius, Socrates, and Euagrius.  ...faithfully translated out of the Greeke tongue by Meredith Hanmer.  [with] a briefe Chronographie collected by the said Translator, with a copious Index....  London: Richard Field, 1619.  Folio, original calf, newly rebacked and recornered; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library and an additional bookplate noting that this book was presented to the library by Thomas Roberts in January  1902; with the small embossed stamp of the library on the title; with worming to the bottom outer corner from page 303 to the end, starting with one and concluding with 8 wormholes, but with none at any point touching the text, which is otherwise crisp and clean. (10) 598 (18)pp  ***STC 10575; apparently a reprint of the “corrected and amended edition” of 1607, this was first published in 1577.      $450.


13. Featly, Daniel.  The Romish Fisher Caught and Held in his owne net.  or, A True Relation of the Protestant Conference and Popish Difference.  A Justification of the one, and Refutation of the other.  In matter of Fact.  Faith.  London: H.L. for Robert Milbourne, 1624.  4to, original calf, newly rebacked; fore-edges worn; title in red & black, with the small embossed stamp of the Wigan Free Public Library in the bottom outer corner; the outer edges of the last few leaves are slightly abraded; the text generally is crisp & clean. (22) 46 (76) 176; (12) 191 (should read 190)pp with R2* misbound between pages 46 & 47 in the Appendix, which is an integral part of this work: (An Appendix to The Fishers Net: Together with a Description of the Romish Wheele, or Circle).  A blank leaf appears after the first numbered page ‘46’ in the first part, seemingly in place of L1* (which is not present). ***STC 10738, which describes “the sequence of writing and printing of this book [as] problematic.”  It seems as if a leaf of text (L1*) is missing from this copy, though otherwise it appears to be complete***DF (1582-1645), a noted controversialist against the errors of the Romanists, was sometime chaplain to George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury, &, though of the Episcopalian persuasion, was a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines.       $750.


14. Fisher, Samuel.  Paidobaptisontes paidisontes Baby-Baptism  Meer Babism. or an Answer to Nobody in five words, to Every-Body who finds himself concern’d in’t.  I. Anti-Diabolism  Or, the true Account of a dispute at Ashford proved a true counterfeit.  II. Anti-Babism  Or the Babish disputings of the Priests for Baby-Baptism disproved.  III. Anti-Rantism  Or Christ’ndome unchrist’nd.  IIII. Anti-Ranterism  Or Christ’ndome newchrist’nd.  V. Anti-Sacerdotism  the deep dotage of the DDDivines discovered, or the Antichristian CCClergy cleared to be that them-selves, which they have ever charged Christs Clergy to be.  Lond.: Printed by Henry Hills, and ...sold by Will. Larnar and Richard Moon, 1653.  Small folio, original calf, newly rebacked; with the embossed seal of the Wigan Free Public Library on the title. (12) 632 (4)pp ***Wing F1055;  SF (1605-1665) is described on the title as “an unworthy Servant of Jesus Christ and his poor PPPriest-belyed Church and People.”  An Oxford graduate (B.A. 1627) SF at first identified himself as a Puritan, had a reputation as a powerful preacher (having a lectureship in Lydd, Kent); in this book he states that he was given a Presbyterian ordination. But in 1643 he joined the Baptists, becoming a minister to a congregation in Ashford, Kent, writing both tracts and this book in support of Baptist principles. However, in 1654, as a consequence of hosting two Quakers in his house, he joined the Society of Friends and remained an earnest and active Quaker the balance of his life.  As were many Quakers he was in and out of prison, but he also travelled to Rome where, apparently without molestation, distributed Quaker literature and spoke to several Cardinals.  He died of the plague in August 1665. Though his works are well represented in Libraries, they are now rarely available for sale.    $1500.


15. Grantham, Thomas. Christianismus Primitivus: or, the Ancient Christian Religion, in its Nature, Certainty, Excellency, and Beauty, (Internal and External) particularly Considered, Asserted, and Vindicated, from The many Abuses which have Invaded that Sacred Profession, by Humane Innovation, or pretended Revelation.  London: Francis Smith, 1678.  Folio, 18th century tree calf, newly rebacked; with an 1828 ownership inscription and a small modern bookplate inside the front cover. the bottom outer corner is defective through D1 (page 10), not at all affecting the text, and is a bit worn for another 100 pages; there is also minor marginal worming to the blank bottom outer corner of the final two paginations, most of it barely noticeable, but with the text generally crisp and clean. (15) 116, 186, 84 (8) 213 (1)pp  ***Wing G1528; a very scarce & important Baptist work, essentially the first comprehensive Baptist system of theology.      $1450. SOLD


16. Guild, William. Moses Unvailed: Or, Those Figures which served unto the patterne and shaddow of heavenly things, pointing out the Messiah Christ Jesus, briefly explained. Whereunto is added the Harmonie of all the Prophets, ... London: G.M. for Robert Allott, 1626. Small 8vo, Old calf, perhaps original, newly rebacked; the bottom outer corner is torn from A4 (of the Dedication), affecting a letter or three of the bottom 4 lines. (12) 183 (16) 56pp ***STC 12487, the third printing (the first was 1619). Spurgeon spoke of Guild as “one of the better sort of the Scotch Episcopalians.”   $525.   


17. Hall, Joseph. A Plaine And Familiar Explication (by way of Paraphrase) of all the Hard Texts of the whole Divine Scripture of the Old and New Testament.  London: Miles Flesher, for Nath: Butter, 1633. Folio, 19th century blindstamped, gilt edged calf, newly rebacked; with an old bookplate on the recto of the 19th century marbled endpaper... (9) 618 (1) 427 (1)pp  ***STC 12702; Spurgeon: “Not so pithy as the Contemplations; nor, indeed, could it be expected to be so.. It is not necessary to the Student, but might be useful.”  There is a 19th century note tipped in at the rear, apparently a copy of an inquiry to someone unnamed, asking for information about a 1662 ownership inscription on the recto of the original rear free endpaper, which inscription records both the book’s purchase from Jael Reynell in 1637 by a Richard Venn, Vicar, and it’s sale in 1662 to Ro. Duke (Venn having died on June 28 of that year).     $500.


18. Hildersam, Arthur.  CVIII Lectures upon the Fourth of John.  The third Edition.  London: Moses Bell, for Edward Brewster, 1647.  Folio, modern half leather, good amateur label; xerox facsimile title tipped in; piece torn from top of Dedicatory, removing the headline and most of first two words of text verso; the outer margin is slightly chipped on a few leaves front & rear, (but not close to affecting text).  (22) 444pp  ***Wing H1976;  Spurgeon: “A mass of godly teaching; but rather heavy reading.”  $450


19. Hutcheson, George. An Exposition Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to John. London: Ralph Smith, 1657. Folio, original calf (corners a bit worn), newly  rebacked/ label;  text crisp; quite a good copy of this fine commentary.. (7) 418 (2)pp ***Wing H3826, the first and only 17th century edition; with a closely printed double column text. Spurgeon says: “Excellent; beyond all praise. It is a full-stored treasury of sound theology, holy thought, and marrowy doctrine.”    $750.


20. Hutcheson, George.  A Brief Exposition on the XII. Small Prophets; ...  London: for Ralph Smith, 1657.  Small folio, original calf/ old label, a bit worn with the top c. 40% of the front hinge starting to split, but still quite sound; later endpapers;  there is a burn hole affecting a few letters of text on pages 315-318 (Tt1 & 2); the bottom outer corner is torn from Hhh5, removing 2 or 3 words from the bottom five lines of text in the outer column with two 19th century library stamps on the title, a presentation bookplate from the library of Rev. James Stirling, Aberdeen and, on the front free endpaper the 1988 embossed stamp of Dean Moore, M.D.  (7) 446 (1)pp  ***probably Wing H3824, (the Wing entry is seriously confused); Spurgeon: “Get it.  Hutcheson is always rich.”  Issued first in a small octavo format in 3 volumes (virtually never now found as a set) and then collected into this folio volume; quite scarce.  $900.


21. Mather, Samuel.  The Figures or Types of the Old Testament, by which Christ and the Heavenly Things of the Gospel were Preached and Shadowed to the People of God of Old.  Explain'd and Improv'd in sundry Sermons.  The Second Edition, To which is annex'd (more than was in the former Edition) a Scheme and Table of the whole, whereby the Reader may readily turn to any Subject treated of in this Book.  London: Nath. Hillier, 1705.  4to, original paneled calf, sometime neatly rebacked; with the bookplate of the Wigan Public Library and its embossed stamp on the title, with an old library accession stamp on the verso and the ownership inscription of 'Temperance Bennett Junr' on the recto of the front free endpaper.  vii (5) 540 (12)pp  ***Spurgeon: "Though this is a work upon all the types, it contains so much instructive matter upon the Levitical sacrifices that we cannot forbear mentioning it here [under Leviticus]. It is one of the old standard books of our fathers."  SM (1626-1671) was the son of Richard Mather & brother of Increase Mather, the New England Puritans; he first studied at Harvard College before returning to England and then pastoring in Dublin, Ireland. His brother Nathanael, who succeeded him in the ministry in Dublin, wrote the preface to the Reader of this work, which was first published in Dublin in 1683.     $850.


22. Morton, Thomas.  A Catholike Appeale for Protestants.  Out of the confessions of the Romane Doctors; particularly answering the mid-named Catholike Apologie for the Romane faith, out of the Protestants: Manifesting the Antiquitie of our Religion, and satisfying all scrupulous Objections which have bene urged against it.  London: Georg. Bishop & Ioh. Norton, 1610.  Folio, original calf, newly rebacked; with the embossed seal of the Wigan Free Public Library on the title (which is slightly creased at the top); lacks A1 (blank); the outer edges of the table at the rear are slightly frayed; there is minor underlining in an old hand at the front; the text generally is crisp and clean. (22) 680 (20)pp ***STC 18177; TM (1564-1659), sometime Bishop of Durham, best known for his polemic writings against Roman Catholicism; Morton was an Anglican as to church government, and a Royalists, but theologically was Reformed and not at all of Laudian sympathies.   $650.


23. Reynolds, John.  The Triumphs of Gods Revenge Against the Crying and Execrable sin of Murther.  Expressed in Thirty several Tragical Histories.  The Sixth Edition, very Carefully Corrected.  To which is Added, Gods Revenge against The Abominable Sin of Adultery.  Containing Ten Several Histories, Never Printed before. Illustrated with New Sculptures.  London: J. Bennet, for Thomas Lee, 1679.  Folio, somewhat worn original calf, newly rebacked & recornered; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library and with the small embossed stamp of that library on the title; with an extra engraved title (somewhat worn, with a vertical crease and some bleed-through from an inscription verso) facing the printed title (which has a closed tear into the final ‘R’ of ‘Murther’); with minor wear throughout, including a few closed tears, but still generally quite good textually. (22) 481, (4) 182pp, with a series of small copperplate illustrations at the beginning of the various ‘Histories’. ***R1313; JR (c.1588-c.1655), of Exeter, an English merchant+ best known for this compilation  This 1679 edition is the first with the histories of adultery, added by Samuel Pordage.     $650.


24. Rogers, Daniel.  Naaman the Syrian  his Disease and Cure.  Discovering lively to the Reader the spirituall Leprosie of Sinne and Selfe-love: Together with the Remedies, viz. Selfe-deniall and Faith.  London: Th: Harper for Philip Nevil, 1642.  Small folio, original calf, newly rebacked; title lightly soiled, with an ownership inscription at the top of the title; a piece is torn (possibly a paper flaw) from the bottom of the outer margin of Xx5, slightly affecting the sidenotes; though there is very light browning to the outer edges, the text generally is quite good throughout. (36) 618, 829-898pp  [COMPLETE, the mispagination notwithstanding]  ***Wing R1799; Spurgeon, commending this work highly, says that it "...exhausts the subject and turns it to earnest evangelical uses."  Quite scarce.    $1200.


25. Rutherfurd, Samuel.  The Divine Right of Church-Government and Excommunication: Or  A peaceable Dispute for the perfection of the holy Scripture in point of ceremonies and Church-Government; in which The removal of the Service-book is justifi’d, ...    London: Iohn Field for Christopher Meredith, 1646.  4to, new morocco; some page references and initial letters in the Tables (at the front) are shaved.. (28) 656, 103pp.  ***Wing R2377; one of R’s scarcer titles. With the 1772 ownership inscription on the verso of the last page of The Epistle Dedicatory. The second pagination at the rear contains A brief Tractate of Scandal..       $850.


26. Rutherfurd, Samuel.  A Survey of the Spirituall Antichrist.  Opening The secrets of Familisme and Antinomianisme in the Antichristian Doctrine of John Saltmarsh, and Will. Del, the present Preachers of the Army now in England, and of Robert Town, Tob. Crisp, H. Denne, Eaton, and others.  In which is revealed the rise and spring of Antinomians, Familists, Libertines, Swenck-feldians, Enthysiasts, &c.  London: J.D. & R.I. for Andrew Crooke, 1648.  4to, original calf, newly rebacked & recornered; outer edges of title quite browned & chipped (the browning encroaching on the text, the chipping entirely that of the outer edge); the edges of the following leaf are lightly browned; there is an old library on the bottom outer corner of the title (mostly in the margin). (48)  354, 239pp   ***Wing R2394        $1100.


27. Rutherfurd, Samuel. Lex, Rex: The Law and the Prince. A Dispute for the just Prerogative of King and People. London: for John Field, 1644. 4to, modern quarter calf; the leaf facing the title is tipped onto the verso of the title; the outer margins are slightly decayed throughout, though the text is not affected except for a few letters of a sidenote on the verso of page 460; there is some light dampstaining throughout. (39) 467pp ***Wing R2386; still a good copy of the first edition of R's most influential work. The noted defects notwithstanding, still a respectable, essentially complete copy of an important book.     $1250.


28. Sedgwick, Obadiah.  The Bowels of Tender Mercy Sealed in the Everlasting Covenant, Wherein Is set forth the Nature, Conditions and Excellencies of it, and how a Sinner should do to enter into it, and the danger of refusing this Covenant-Relation. Also the Treasures of Grace, Blessings, Comforts, Promises and Priviledges that are comprized in the Covenant of Gods Free and Rich Mercy made in Jesus Christ with Believers.  London: Edward Mottershed, for Adoniram Byfield, and...sold by Joseph Cranford, 1661.  Folio, original calf, newly rebacked with the original spine laid down & the corners neatly repaired; the outer edges of the first few leaves are a bit trimmed & frayed, not affecting the text, which otherwise is crisp and clean throughout. (4) 734 (56)pp  ***Wing S2366; the largest and perhaps most important work by this London minister who was an influential member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines.     $1400.


29. Shepard, Thomas.  The Parable of the Ten Virgins  Opened & Applied: Being the Substance of divers Sermons on Matth. 25. I, ---13.  Wherein, the Difference between the Sincere Christian and the most Refined Hypocrite, the Nature and Characters of Saving and of Common Grace, the Dangers and Diseases incident to most flourishing Churches or Christians, and other Spiritual Truths of Greatest importance, are clearly discovered, and practical Improved.   ...Now Published from the Authours own Notes, ...  London: J.H. for John Rothwell, and Samuel Thomson, 1660.  Small folio, original calf, newly rebacked; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library and with the small embossed stamp of that library on the title; a piece is torn from the bottom outer corner of L3 (pp. 77/8), removing several words from the bottom  19 lines of text recto (& 22 lines verso), neatly repaired; a piece is missing from the bottom outer corner of last 3 leaves at the rear (all three repaired), the first only affecting a few letters of text of the alphabetical table, removing about half of the outer column of the table, 13 lines recto and 12 verso of the penultimate leaf and a few words from 11 lines recto and 5 lines verso of the final leaf; the text is otherwise crisp and clean.  (8) 240, 203 (4)pp   ***Wing S3114; the first edition of this important work by an eminent New England Puritan.   $700.


30. Spottswood [Spottiswoode], John.  The History of he Church of Scotland, Beginning the Year of our Lord 203, and continued to the end of the Reign of King James the VI.  of ever Blessed Memory.  Therein are described, The Progress of Christianity; The Persecutions and Interruptions of it: The Foundation of Churches; The Erecting of Bishopricks; The Building and Endowing Monasteries, and other Religious Places; The Succession of Bishops in their Sees; The Reformation of Religion, and the frequent Disturbances of that Nation, by Wars, Conspiracies, Tumults, Schisms.  Together with great variety of other Matters, both Ecclesiasticall and Politicall.  London: J. Flesher for R. Royston, 1655.  Folio, 19th century crosshatched blindstamped calf, recently rebacked; the text is crisp & clean.  Portrait (of Spottiswoode), (16), portrait (of Charles I), (4) 546 (1) (9) plus 2pp of books printed for Royston. ***Wing S5022, the FIRST EDITION;  JS (1565-1639) was Lord Archbishop of St. Andrews and Privy Counselor to Charles I; the writing of this History was done at the request of James I.     $650.


31. Symson, Patrick.  The Historie of the Church, since the dayes of our Saviour Jesus Christ, untill this present Age. The third Edition Corrected and inlarged. London: Iohn Dawson, for Iohn Bellamie, 1634.  Small folio, original paneled calf, newly rebacked & recornered; with an oval bookplate: “Presented to The Wigton Free Public Library by Mr. W. Ashton  May, 1883” and with the small embossed stamp of that library on the title; the initial word of the title is shaved; lacks A1 (blank); there is a stain to the top inner corner, beginning small and light, but encroaching on the text from about page 550 and growing to about 3” x 2” at the rear; there is some ink spotting on the verso of the 4th last page and the recto of the third last (in the Table). (18) 602 (17)pp  ***STC 23598.5;  PS (1556-1618), minister in Stirling (Scotland) and a staunch Presbyterian; at a time when much pressure was being brought to bear on prominent ministers to conform to Episcopacy Symson refused to yield.             $450.


32.  [Usher] Richard Parr. The Life Of the Most Reverend Father in God, James Usher, Late Lord Arch-Bishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland. With a Collection of Three Hundred Letters, between the said Lord Primate and most of the Eminentest Persons for Piety and Learning in his time, both in England and beyond the Seas. London: Nathanael Ranew, 1686. Folio, modern calf; outer margin of portrait & title slightly browned & with a few very minor chips. Portrait (8) 103 (5) 33 (18) 624, 28 (2)pp  ***Wing P548; the letters comprise the vast bulk of the volume.        $500.


33. Wesley, Samuel.  The Life of our Blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.  An Heroic Poem: ... In Ten Books.  The Second Edition, revised by the Author, and Improved with the Addition of a large Map of the Holy-Land, and a Table of the principal Matters.  With Sixty Copper-Plates, by the celebrated Hand of W. Faithorn.  London: Benj. Motte for Charles Harper, 1697.  Folio, original paneled calf, newly rebacked; with the bookplate of the Wigan Free Public Library, and with the small embossed stamp of that library on the title (and at the bottom outer corner of a few of the plates); occasional minor soiling & a few closed tears (neatly repaired on Y2, but not repaired on Bb2 or Dd2) but with the text essentially crisp and clean throughout..  Frontispiece, extra engraved title, (28) folding map of the Holy Land, 355 (9)pp with 60 copperplates (including the frontispiece & engraved title, all 60 being numbered). ***Wing W1373A; SW (1662-1735), Rector of Epworth and a minor poet; best known as the father of John and Charles Wesley. Quite a good copy of this work.      $1000.      


34. Willet, Andrew. Hexapla: that is, A Six-fold Commentarie upon ... Romanes: wherein according to the Authors former method sixe things are observed in every Chapter. I. the Text with the divers readings. 2. Argument and method. 3 the Questions discussed. 4. Doctrines noted. 5. Controversies handled. 6 Morall uses observed. Wherein are handled the greatest points of Christian Religion:... [London]: for Leonard Greene, 1611. Folio, original calf, bit worn, with gilt devices on both covers, newly rebacked & recornered; with the blank bottom outer corner of the front endpapers and the title are neatly repaired. (5) 746 (21)pp ***STC 25690; a variant imprint of the first edition of this extensive commentary; though W’s method is ungainly, it is comprehensive and considers the text thoroughly, considering virtually every question which can be raised.      $750.


35. Willet, Andrew. Hexapla in Genesin, that is, A Sixfold Commentary upon Genesis: Wherein sixe severall Translations, that is, the Septuagint, and the Chalde, two Latin, of Hierome and Tremelius: two English, the great Bible, and the Geneva edition are compared, where they differ, with the Originall, Hebrew, and Pagnine, and Montanus interlinearie interpretation: Together with a Sixfold use of every Chapter, shewing, 1. the Method or Argument: 2. the divers readings: 3. the explanation of difficult questions and doubtfull places: 4. the places of doctrine: 5. places of confutation: 6 morall observations. Wherein, above a thousand Theological questions are discussed: ... Now the second time revised, corrected, and with divers editions enlarged. London: Tho. Creede, for Thomas Man, 1608. Small folio, original limp vellum; fairly new stiff front endpapers inserted by the previous owner, with a long note regarding Willet in his hand. (12) 476pp ***STC 25683; Spurgeon says "Willet is tedious reading; his method hampers him. In all his Commentaries he lumbers along in his six-wheeled wagon." However he commends Willet on Samuel highly, though the method is identical. If the reader is willing to put up with the method, there is much of benefit, as virtually every conceivable question is addressed and given an answer.        $500.


36. Woolnor, Henry.  The True Originall of the Soule.  Proving both by divine and naturall reason, that the production of mans Soule is neither by creation nor propagation, but a certain meane was between both.  Wherein the doctrine of originall sinne, and the purity of Christs Incarnation, is also more fully cleared then hath been heretofore published.  London: T. Paine, and M. Symmons, 1641. 12mo, original calf, somewhat worn with small pieces missing head & tail of spine; lacks endpapers; quite shaken, with the whole of the contents pulling loose from the binding, but with the text nevertheless in good condition. (12) 199/ 220-335 (4)pp [the mispaginations notwithstanding, complete]. ***Wing W2536, the first (of 2) printings; scarce.     $800.



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