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Located in suburban Philadelphia since 1978.

The books featured on this website represent only a fraction of our large stock.  If you do not see the book you are searching for on the website, please contact us and we will happily attempt to fill your request.

We have a large selection of Bibles, including 16th to 17th century translations by Tyndale, Coverdale, and Matthews; the Great Bible, Geneva, Bishops', Douay/Rheims & King James versions; as well as Bibles in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and various modern languages.

Our stock includes a wide range of theological works, emphasizing books printed before 1700 (both English and Continental). We deal more broadly in Reformed, Puritan, and Presbyterian books. We also have an interesting variety of 19th century theological works and stock a selection of modern scholarly books as well.

Displayed and tucked away in our home are various portraits, tokens, autograph materials, busts, and other memorabilia related to historic religious events and figures. Please visit our miscellanea page for items related to Charles H. Spurgeon, John Wesley, Presbyterian history, communion tokens, and other ephemera.

We periodically post new lists in each of these general areas. If you would like to be notified when a particular list is posted, please email the webmaster. As much of our business is conducted through personal requests and quotations based on individual interests, we encourage you to contact us with your specific requests.

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A Great Bible

Past Featured Items:

Portrait of Martin Luther

Martin Luther's Works
Complete in 12 Volumes 1553-1559 German Edition

Luther's Opera Omnia
7 Volume Complete Works in Latin 1545-1580

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4/1/23: New Lists posted (General Theology lists 108 and 109)

Lists are sent out to our email customers prior to posting them on the website; if you have not recieved the latest list by email, please sign up or contact us to verify your email address.


List 109: 15 March 2023: General Theology
Largely 18th and 19th c., or editions of earlier works.

List 108: Late Feb 2023: General Theology
A wide array of Reformed theological works

List 107: 11 Feb 2023: Old Testament Commentaries

Summer 2021:

Currently working on updating our Bible lists to reflect current stock in anticipation of the International Society of Bible Collecters convention to be held in Philadelphia Sept 30-Oct 2. Please check back soon for updated lists.


Word Biblical Commentaries (1/31/18)


General Theology List: Commentaries (12/1/17)


Featured Item: Great Bible (11/1/17)

General Theology Short List #3 (11/1/17)


General Theology Short List #2 (9/20/17)


A Scottish Covenanter Field Communion: 19th Century Oil on Canvas


General Theology List #2
Primarily a list of Puritan Reprints and Puritan Interest


Antiquarian Theology Short List #3 posted now; Quartos and smaller.

Antiquarian Theology Short List #2 posted now; Folios.

November 18: Several new lists!

1841 English Hexapla


March 21:

General Theology Catalogue List #1


January 27th:

Antiquarian Theology, Short List #1


January 25th:

General Theology, Short List #1



Antiquarian Theology list #7: John Foxe, Actes and Monuments


The Gallery, a visual list of portraits, prints, busts, and ephemera.



Antiquarian List 6 now posted; books By and About Richard Baxter



Theology List #5:
pre-1700 English Puritan and Reformed works in English (with a few English Puritan works in Latin)


17th Century Oil Painting of Archbishop Tillotson